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I have been trying to find an accurate RotLA / Indiana Jones golden fertility idol for years now and have not been able to find one that has the correct expression or details as seen in the PropStore idol. There are some really nice idols out there but are not available for purchase.

I have studied all the best available PropStore images as well as the best Hi Res images of the screen used idols from film movie stills. I have compared all these images and noted the similarities and differences. IMO the PropStore idol and CU movable eye golden idols as well as the "fixed eye" idols seen on film are from the same sculpt and mold although there are minor differences due to casting clean up and or adjustments made for filming reasons, but they are essentially the same.

The main difference in the "look" of the gold screen idols vs the propstore idol is due mainly to the gold plating and the lighting and reflection. In addition the CU movable eye versions have resculpted eye lids for some reason making it look "heavy lidded"

I finally decided to take the plunge and sculpt one myself and try to get closer to the expression of the idol as well as address the finer details and features. I am not sure what I will do with the idol when I finish it but I decided to post these first images to get some feedback and see what the "experts" think and how it can be improved. I know some of you guys have been studying this prop for many many years and have experience I do not and may know things I do not know.

Below you will see a composite image showing the original PropStore idol on the LEFT. My New Sculpt center, and an overlay of my sculpt with the damage and glass eyes of the PropStore idol overlayed to see how they line up. I also attach a gif image of the images.
I tried to get the lighting and perspective as close as possible without doing a big set up so the camera angle, perspective and lighting is a bit off.

I will continue to work on the idol to improve some details I noticed doing these overlays. My goal is to create an idol that is an amalgam of the best information and images available and will have the details that can be seen and corroborated from multiple sources/images.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing thoughts.

idol front compare for RPF post.jpg

idol 1 compare gif.gif
If you get it right make some to sell. I've still never bought one cause all the one's I've seen looked somewhat off. Hope yours can be the Defining one.
Looks great and will follow your progress. Did you also have side-view reference of the Propstore idol? If so, I would love to see those side comparisons too. If not, perhaps we in the community can dig into our reference archives for you. In addition, Restaurajones has been working on a similar sculpt project with functional eyes so perhaps you two can collaborate at some point.
I have some good reference but more is always better. Maybe someone has images not readily available that I can compare against. I appreciate any help I can get!

I have some HD screen caps of the rear but no direct rear of the PropStore idol. From the views I have it seems there was a lot of damage to the PS idol with very rough repairs.

I will post other views as soon as I can. I am trying to capture every detail accurately down to the correct number and shape of each hair. When I test photograph the sculpt and compare it to the original I notice small discrepancies and try to adjust them.

As I said above, There are differences in the hair, baby and details in the gold idols vs the PS but these are due to the casting clean up and plating smoothing over a lot of the detail seen in the PS versions. An example can be seen on the PS images if you look at the teeth especially. Where the plating remains the teeth are smoother. I am taking everything into consideration.

I will also post my research and comparison images of the Gold idols and PS to help explain my conclusions for the new sculpt.

Not sure what I will do with the idol when I finish but if there is interest I will make them available and would consider collaborations.

Thanks for looking!
BTW. Someone asked if this was a digital 3-D model. It is not. This is an old fashion carving. I am carving it so I can replicate the exact look and finish of the original and also give the impression of how it would have appeared if the prop was a real Idol

The idol shown on his website is very nice but I have compared the idol shown on his site to the PS and film still hero idols as I am sure some of you have.

IMO It is either a repro idol he made later on to have for his collection or resume or a modified or repaired version made from an original casting. It is not accurate to the film or PS versions in many details.

Could also be an alternative version made for the film but not chosen as the screen version?

Could this be the source of the frowning mouth idols on the market?
kpax, if you end up creating an idol that you are truly satisfied with, do you plan to make it available as a project run? Already very interested. :)

If there is interest in it I would. I have some ideas of some interesting versions that could be created after the master sculpt is finished.

I am making some adjustments on the rear of the idol and trying to match up every hair as close as possible.

The real difficulty is that the available images are very distorted from lens distortion and various camera angles and perspectives. I have to keep checking to get everything to line up perfectly. I think the front view and face has the correct expression and correctly sculpted features now. Only needs some minor detailing. The teeth, eyes, nose and lips are all very close at this point but I will continue to adjust as I move forward.

I have already made adjustment to the baby and ears...

This Idol will have every detail I can see in the screen used and PS versions. I will post images to show my reasoning and proofs.

Glad there is interest. May look for help as I proceed. I plan to get it done before the end of summer.

Would be sooner but IT'S SUMMER !
Many thanks for the prompt reply! I can only imagine the difficulties that one faces when attempting to create an accurate prop such as the Chachapoyan idol and being limited to screen caps, etc. (I'm a collector and not an artist). I have a third-run Gobler idol (which I will always cherish) and am extremely impressed with your new sculpt. Take your time! :)
^^thanks! I have seen this thread before. Nice to check it out again. I think I have all those images as reference.

I am strictly using screen used models that I can verify from movie stills and screen captures that include the pedestal and stunt idols as well as the propstore idol. I believe these are the best source of information and accurate details. All these versions and images match more or less to some degree . Some features are altered or enhanced or cleaned up or repaired but all have details that match each other and appear to be from the same sculpt and mold.

Does anyone have an accurate measurement for height. I have seen a few mentioned and seen some idols put against a ruler so I know about how tall the original was. Just want to compare.



I just finished the first stage for the hair. Still need to refine a good deal.

I will post some various views shortly.
This is speculation but, could the Idol on Keith Short's site be based on the one with the painted eyes that went on location in Hawaii - it looks different to the hero Elstree filming version...



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This is speculation but, could the Idol on Keith Short's site be based on the one with the painted eyes that went on location in Hawaii - it looks different to the hero Elstree filming version...

As far as I can tell. The images you posted of the “ fixed eye”. Idol is the same sculpt as the hero and propstore. Not sure if this is also considered the “ stunt” idol.

The idol on Shorts site is not the same. It does not match the screen used or propstore idol. I have done extensive overlays to line up details and features on most available images.

If the idol on his site is actually a sculpt from the film I would guess it was an alternative version for Spielberg to choose from. One more dramatic than the other. Or maybe was intended to use in different shots to show the idol was pissed off being thrown around! And was never seen on film?

If not then I suppose it was a sculpt done later for his collection or resume.

IMO there would be no reason to have a hero and stunt version looking different. They would just cast extra idols and not go thru the trouble of sculpting another one.

IMO the pedestal hero idol, Beloq / fixed eye idol and propstore idol are all from the same sculpt and mold.

The pedestal idol had its eyelids resculpted heavier which makes it look different. I have compared and tried the heavy lids on my sculpt.

Did the eyes open up as well as the eyes moving as Jones approached?

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