Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Figure I might as well post the current imagery for baseline reference:
Trailer #1 ss01.jpg

Trailer #1 ss02.jpg

Anything of this type has a basic history as being a derivative of the Antikythera Mechanism. (you can Google it, of course)
2000 years old and was not fully understood until modern times. Thought for some time to be impossible for it's time due to the complexity.
Yep. The final Dial of Destiny STL will go in my free STL thread. :)
Would love to see an update on how your dial of destiny is coming along, here is a update on my collection so far. There are 4, 3 of them are in the mail on the way, the last one is being created now by an artist I know as we speak.

Cross of Coronado
Nurhachi Urn
Indiana's Jones Lucky Charm Lighter

Artist creating now
Jackal Headpiece - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles


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How extremely cool - count me in as interested in participating on your Dial of Destiny build. I've been stocking up on antique-gold look filaments for just this purpose.

It will have a place of honor in my basement Indy / themed bar.

I'm reasonably new to modeling but mentally scrappy with a challenge so if you need a hand ping me and I'll give it the ol' Ravenwood try.


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So, these both appear in the trailer. The one on the right has a section of video that shows multiple moving parts. But, is it THE dial? Why show the one on the left in the trailer? Is it a prototype? A PIECE of the final dial? The one hand on the left picture looks like one of the hands on the right picture.o_O:unsure:

I think the right hand one is the correct one, and it'll take some figuring to make the moving parts. :) But, making it functional is one goal.
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After careful examination, the PIECE on the left lines up with the final object on the right. Meaning, they're using a "Triangle-of-light" concept. The dial is broken into 2 or 3 pieces that must be found and assembled before being able to use it. Nice plot device, even if not especially original.

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