SPEAR OF DESTINY DIARY 1944 - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

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Hi Guys.
Its time to showcase something I have been working on in secret over a long period of time. Only a couple of you knew I was doing this.

So without further ado, I have created Indy's dedicated SPEAR OF DESTINY journal in search for the Holy Lance we see in the begining of Dial of Destiny.

The book is representing the REAL journal Indy would have used in search for the Holy Lance. The book is extremely convincing if I may say so myself. I kinda forget I made it as it totally feels like a real archaeology journal. I can only show a few photos as the book is pretty solid and has way to much info to showcase it all.
Anyways, the best part, I made this book for everybody to get and enjoy. This is the perfect diary for your 1944 Indiana jones Destiny cosplay. (My favorite part of the film)
How did I do it? Well As soon as I saw that book on the big screen I felt a jolt and knew I was going to make it someday. My journey started making a replica of the Lance spread from the train scene. I just wanted to feel what it was like to have it in my hand. One thing lead to another and before I knew I was knee deep in this stuff. So basicley I made a whole ''Destiny diary'' based of the one spread seen in the train scene. Pluss 2 additional oriiginal pages found in the diary.

Now, this diary is not a story diary that takes you from point a to b. The Spear of destiny journal is more like a real field journal with alot of notes, scribbles and illustrations in search for the Holy Spear. Kinda like my Tool grail diary I created.
The Destiny diary 44* is filled with:
Extremely accurate 4 original pages from the original Destiny journal from the movie.
And a 5th semi original page.
Information on the Holy lance
Nazi empire
Knights templar,
Teutonic order.
Cave excavations,
Archaeology digs,
Hints and clues,
Stained glass windows,
Manuscript notes,

The entire book is handmade, handdrawn and handwritten. 100% all the way.
The book is bound in cowhide with a light brown shade as original.
The pages are 100grams high quality paper.
Drawings are made in the same sketchy style as original.
Handwriting is done in the same handwriting style as original.
Very light weathering on pages as the original diary.

Without further ado. I present the prototype ''Destiny diary 44''.

An interest list will be made soon where you can add your name to the lsit if your intertested in getting one. Until then, enjoy my friends and please do tell me what you think of it. Its been a long road getting here.



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Hello. I noticed that the Spear of Destiny in the beginning of the new movie looks a lot like the Spear of Destiny from the Constantine movie in 2005. Is it the same prop/style?
The same style for sure, probably not the same prop, since both used the original as a source or sorts....Both based off the same original spear look.....
Hello. I noticed that the Spear of Destiny in the beginning of the new movie looks a lot like the Spear of Destiny from the Constantine movie in 2005. Is it the same prop/style?

The prop is based on a real world artifact kept in a museum in Vienna, and versions of it appear in a number of movies and books, including Hellboy. There's an interesting Wikipedia article about it if you'd like to learn more.
The Vienna one is it.The only bit that makes it holy is the nail in the middle of it that is reportedly one that was used in the Crucifiction.The rest of it is made a lot later.In reality the spear would just had been a regular Roman spear of the time.

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