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First attempt at a Star Wars model. Have been following the Studio Scale builds on RPF - but they are just to huge for me. This one is about 6" in diameter and is based on the work done by Lasse Henning and photos I found of a Studio Scale model that was touring the US a few years ago.

Designed in Solidworks and 3D printed. Now working on sensors and lower body. C/C welcome - plus any pointers. :confused




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LOVE your blueprints :lol. Very Area51 lol. That looks good so far, ill be watching, its one of my all time do know, you simply HAVE to build articulated arms :behave.



@ Lee: working my down to legs :wacko

Progress to date - I used a Pasta Roller to layer out Expoxy Sculpt for the armor plates - looks ok. I wasn't sure of exact pattern but got enough info from pictures. Built up lower section now have to close it all in and sand.

Thanks for looking.



Thanks for the feedback. It's moving along ! :)

Progress now is on the lower section and building some locking rings for the legs. They were made in sections to reduce printing time & materials. Goal is that they can be removed/installed and rotated.


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