Icons Style 31 Inch Nautilus Kit, Anyone Bought One?


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Has anyone here bought one of the Icons Style 31" 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Nautilus kits available online? If so I was wondering how the casting quality was on the resin and white metal parts? The $400 dollar price is way cheaper than the finished piece sold for but I'd still like to know if it's worth the money.


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If it's a Kit it's a recast, probably from Total Emmersion.
He's been told to discontinue it by the original sculpter (who is a friend of mine).

The real Icons is very nice and is hollow cast with lots of room inside for super detailing.

He also made a 66" a couple years ago that I saw during construction and molding.

Forgot to mention thet the Icons was made with both the Blue Print and the Studio Model (correct eye) versions of the bridge.

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