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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by kdawg1, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. kdawg1

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    Hey All,

    I've always wanted to try and build a studio scale ship, where do you folks get prints and what do you use for your structures. I'm not sure what ship I want but I really want to try.

    Thanks any and all help will be great

    THEWRAPOFCONS Well-Known Member

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    For some reason I was thinking Brokeback Mountain when I saw this thread title.
  3. Lord Abaddon

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    I've done models a good part of my life, but stopped about 15 years ago for many reasons. I want to start again and have been reading and reading that site and just awed by some of the skills, information, etc. there.

    I have a fantasy about doing up the Polar Lights Enterprise Refit, lights and all, but I have to say I'm pretty intimidated and even more see seeing how well others have done it.
  4. Watson

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    It is a * intimidating model at first I can attest to that, but once you actualy just START it, things fall into place. Having said that, I would not choose that model to jump back on the horse Mike ;) Ease back in if you can hehe

  5. REL

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    Do you mean building one from scratch or a large scale kit?
  6. kdawg1

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    One from Scratch, how and or where do you guys get prints and all that happy stuff.
  7. star-art

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    To build from scratch, it's all about RESEARCH. And it's a LOT of work. I try to discourage people from taking the plunge before they truly know what they are getting themselves into (and if you are investing in a B9 then you are probably going to be OK as that sort of project is not too dissimilar to doing a studio-scale ship in terms of investment).

    I recommend reading my article on what it has taken me to recreate the Galactica, one of the most challenging subjects out there. 5 figures in out-of-pocket costs, nearly 5000 hours over 7 years so far and still not done yet. But making progress. (Registration required to view the article, but registration is free.)


    You have to be really lucky to get blueprints for a studio-scale project. Not many out there. If someone invests all the work needed to make accurate plans, it's hard to get back even a fraction of that by making plans available at a price people can actually afford.

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