I need help making snow!

boba mike

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hello everybody,
I need to find out whats the best thing to use to make a snow covered landscape.
the reason I need to know is,I have a at-at model that I want to make a hoth replica base for it.if anyone knows of a tutorial for such a landscape or what I can use to make snow please send me some info.
thanks,boba mike
make a base the shape you want - paint it white - spray the result with spray tac glue - then using a baking "sifter" (ususally used to take the clumps out of flour) sift baking powder onto the base. baking powder (or baking soda) doesn't yellow over time like some other substances.

Steves stuff is super cool too. If you can get his method to also work on a large base instead of weathering go for it

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Woodland Scenics makes the BEST snow material out there. It comes in small granules so it's great for all kinds of scales, and can have a shimmering effect like sunlight hitting real snow does, depending on how you glue it to the surface you're attaching it to. It comes in a very convenient sifter container that can be reused for whatever you want once you've used up the snow.

Steve's snow is great, although he want's the Woodland Scenics snow , just doesn't have a source for it right now....


look under the ground covers area in the landscape subsection.... the itty bitty picture doesn't do it justice though... I'll see what i can do about getting a better pic of the stuff.....
I used the cheapest powdered white filler compound, sived (sp) and then I misted it with water through a household indoor plant spray bottle.
The closed you get to the surface, the larger the 'scale' of the snow.
Worked great!

If you want a nice powdery snow, I'd use baking soda. Shape your landscale out of whatever you want, spray it with glue and cover it with baking soda. then shake off the excess.

Here's a link, I hope it works right, to one of my kits I used the baking soda snow on. http://maschinenkrieger.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=128&papass=&sort=1&thecat=500

I brushed a thick clear semi gloss into the areas I wanted the "snow" to stick, then poured in the baking soda. I didn't shake off the excess on this one, I just clear coated over it with a heavy handed spray can to seal it in. It's not a big kit, and doesn't get handled much, so it's pretty sturdy.

Hope this helps,
Your local train supply store should have something in the way of a white ground up foam. It should be in a quart size bottle and cost about $10.
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