How Many Dreads Does A Predator Have?


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Fellow pred suit makers,

I´m just about to start my predator costume for Carnaval and i´m having a fight with a fellow maker. I would like to know how many dreads does the predator have?

And are they all the same length?

And how long are they?
depends on the predator. and how many you want. a scale would be between 30-60 ( if you count the really small sideburn dreads ) example, my Wolf has 32, my gen2 p1 has 62 including the really small ones.

length wise again is personnel choice, some like them long others more akin to the P1 and shorter, you can vary the length to give a more random look, rather than all the dreads the same length ( i mean you think predators have hairdressers? ) and i like mine to be longest at the back slowly getting shorter as the move forward towards the cheaks.
I have heard that for p1 they are around 18" long and for AVP they are longer 24" not sure of the P2 or Wolf, but I agree with Usurper its down to personal choice.
cheers guys, might just give him a mullet!!!

Usurper did you make all that yourself? if so it is excelent!

i dont know if ill make a full latex bodysuit, it´s 30 degrees over here in gran canaria, i´ll sweat my little pred balls off!!

see what happens.

thanx again.
The new trio in Predators are so far the longest dreads. As for actual length, I'd say a little over 30". i just don't know how many dreads they have (not including sideburn dreads). My Rubies Berserker has has almost 20 dreads though.
my gen 2 half mask has 40 counting the small ones, usurper so you have some pics of your heads with dreads attached?, im gona take some pics to mine and then ill look at the pics to compare the lenghs, thanks for the info guys
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