How Do You Display Your Star Wars (or other sci-fi) Money?


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Hello all!

Over time, I've accumulated a bunch of in-universe Star Wars coins, and I'm really having some trouble displaying them in a way that makes me happy.

You can see below, I'm currently using a dice tray and sorted them in a little piles. But there has to be a better way to do this. I was thinking of mixing them into a bowl or tray of some kind, as this might make for more of a conversation piece, but I'm just nbot sure.

How are you displaying your Star Wars or sci-fi or fictional coins? I owuld love to see your display, for inspiration and ideas.



Hi Bill, maybe a Challenge Coin Holder might be a good solution. Many soldiers are using them for their coins ...


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I like your display.
I realky do nit have any Sci- do money except for the Serenity/Firefly bill pack that was put out of years ago.
I basically just put it on a shelf with my Serenity props
I swear by the Michael's Challenge Coin Case. For smaller coins, the interior width is just slightly over 8", which allows me to use 2" coin flips to hold the coins more centralized
I actually just bought some yesterday at Hollywood studios. I randomly laid them next to props kind of like emptying my pocket on the counter. I'm a huge fan of placing accents around displays with no rhyme or reason. It adds mystery to the collection and makes others feel the need to look deeper to spot Easter eggs.
Have you taken a look at the Disney Cantomo? Definitely needs some cosmetic work but could be a cool base to start
Nice! Sounds like a good opportunity for someone with some 3D modeling skills to produce an internal caddy for printing!

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