Hot toys and other action figures.


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Hi all i trying to find celtic predator from Mcfarlane and its goes to 100 dollars i couldn t belive that coz before it was 20 box then i understand it was the inflation or the age of the product so a look in ebay but prices were too high also i look for hot toys and predator stuff(action figures) so i read hot toys damage predator review and he said you can ask other forums and he mentioned the hunters lair so i try searching but i couldn t find and i couldn t in advance search so i decided that we can learn from people what comic book they look or if the did cash or for other reason want to sell the predator will be more easy to find coz many people want to but hot toys but in ebay are overprices so here people can make offer ask question were are the best offer thats it. Ty for all. Grimjow
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