Predator lore and universe!


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Yeah, it's pretty bad in my opinion ... the helmet is ok, but the rest is waste material.

As to "how does it work?" I'm guessing you're referring to sculpting. That would start with clay like WED clay (which is cheap waterbased clay, but hardly reusable) or Oil clay like chavant and monster clay (which is more expensive, but reusable). Roughing out the shape of what your sculpting with your hands, and refine and detail the sculpt with tools.


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But you need to try every tipe of sculpting materials. They all have positive and negative sides, so you need to choose material for specific needs. After this you will100% know wich one is better for you (or for each of your works)
p.s. Helmet if not so bad, even good. But armor looks like an armor of human trooper from the game 2000+ year :D (for me)


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Here are the fruits of my labours:


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BTW, The original 3 AVP comics are Prey, Hunter's Planet and War. However, there are several confusing continuity issues, in Hunter's Planet, Machiko has already left the pack, and meets them again, and fights Shorty, but then in War, she is back in the pack, quits, escapes and fights Shorty and kills him. WHAT????


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You mean novels. There's only 2 comics, but a trilogy of novels(in which some call the original Machiko trilogy). Aliens versus Predator, to which the book Prey is all about, or expands on. The 2nd comic is AVP: WAR, where the book of the same name is based on or expands on as well. I say based, because there are big differences, but in general the body is the same. MAX suit, Machiko chooses the humans over the Predators, etc..

The books, chronologically are a bit confusing. Basically, Prey starts it all, but the events that happen in Hunter's planet happen after the events in WAR, so chronologically, you go: Prey > WAR > Hunter's Planet. Hunter's Planet was published first than WAR though and before the comics of the same name. In the books, Shorty or Lar'nixva, doesn't die in WAR, but he dies in Hunter's Planet (which, happens after the events of WAR). In the comics, since there's no adaptation of the Hunter's planet, Shorty dies in WAR (the comics).

I know it's confusing as heck, I was too for awhile ;)
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