Hey look I made a USB stick hoverboard

Jannix Quinn

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I felt guilty about not contributing anything so I made something.

Anyway I bought a Skatedrive and removed the wheels. Then I sanded it a little and sprayed it pink. It's ridiculous how hard spray cans are to get in Australia because of all the stupid people sucking it up their noses or something.

...anyway... then I used a couple of programs to measure out the dimensions and make the decals for it.

Ideally (and I may still do it) I'd like to print the decals on better paper like a vinyl sticker or something so they're glossier and more resistant to damage. This was just done on my home printer, hence the dodgy edges and low resolution. It was just a test drive though.

I also played around with cutting the base sections out of plastic rather than just printing them, but since I want to carry in pockets and so on, I don't want it catching on stuff.

Anyway I know it's not like making a laser gun out of plumbing parts, but it's something right? Right? :unsure





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I think this is better then a pipe blaster........ simple because i would have never of thought of something like this!!!!!

Its simple but Awesome!!!!!


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Oh, I made a Wall-E one too, but that was ages ago.


MEGA props on the hoverboard USB stick, but the WALL-E one is just wrong. Surely WALL-E looks like he's doing something inappropriate with the computer...

And Yes, that picture should have a caption of 'I have the weirdest ***** right now...'
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