Hero Snowtroopers?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by kurtyboy, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. kurtyboy

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    I just noticed this last time I watched ESB. Looks like a 'Hero' Snowtrooper.

    He's obviously quite important judging by his rank badge. He's the one in the cockpit of the AT-AT who is told 'All troops will debark for ground assault.

    First thing I noticed was that the 'veil' is not just a piece of flimsy vinyl material like all the others. It looks like a nice crisp vacformed piece. Smoother and curved. Second thing I noticed were the 'Imperial discs' either side of the helmet (like the Tie Fighter pilots etc). Third thing I noticed were the nostril like notches on the nose area.

    I couldn't spot any more hero snowtroopers like this one anywhere. The rest were just the standard type like the one on display at MOM etc.

    Anyone replicated this helmet?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. firesprite

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    Wow... That looks like it'd suck even more than the regular helmet to wear. Looks pretty cool, but seems like it'd be totally impractical to wear. It'd probably have to be a display piece (at least in my house) :D
  3. KevVader

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    ....good eye. I've wondered this myself as I've watched this scene....helmet is definitely better finished than the other Snowtroopers.....

    SHIMKO Well-Known Member

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    That is a snowtrooper commander. He wears moonboots and has his shoulder armor on upside down. His veil is a hard plastic too.
  5. Lord_Gita

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    Yes, from what I understand he doesnt have a backpack either.
  6. kurtyboy

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    Ya learn something new every day.

    Was there only one helmet like this in the whole movie?

  7. Star Wars Helmets

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    Yeah it looks like they made a single Hero for the close-up shots and used the what almost looks like white polythene on the standard stunts.

    As a "point of interest", I asked John Mollo about the ESB costumes and he said for the ones that they did (which if you think about it were not very complex) they used Elstree's in-house vac former which was set up after ANH, initially to replace all the plaster and hessian sets with Vac formed mouldings


  8. Art Andrews

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    Here is a pic I snagged off the internet showing the basic differences. I would also point out the commander doesn't have the frop pouches but has a pistol instead.

  9. Benkenove

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    This info I copied from a website I dont remember... (please, if the owner want me to remove this info, let me know, or at least, tell me who belongs, and I will put the origin of the info)

    Difference between SNOW COMMANDER and SnowTroopers:

    * Snow helmet, Greeblie added to each side and vacuum formed shroud
    * Snow chest plate, rank plaque moved up to chest area and different detailing in belly recess area
    * AT-AT/TIE style back plate
    * Snow shoulders, worn revered
    * Stormtrooper lower arms
    * Suede Gloves with comlink
    * No backpack
    * White leather belt with white leather holster for Mauser, no pouches
    * No knee plates
    * White "Moon boots"
  10. grimlock2d

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    The helmet greeblie is the officer rank disk that is on the officer hats and belts applied to each side of the helmet.

    The chest detailing in the recessed area is different and so is the rectangular panel off to the side of the recess

    If you look at the 12 inch toy released a few years ago it has the officer chest plate and you'll get a pretty good look at it. It's not scaled exactly of course but you can get a look at the layout and details.

    My first Snowtrooper armor was done out as an officer except I had a soft cowl as I wasn't sure how to create the officer style cowl. I've heard TE say it was vac formed as well as a couple of others though.

    If I was to try and do it again, which I'm pondering, I'd probably try and vacform a piece, or use some sort of medium rubber with a wire frame under it to give it shape but allow it some flexibility at the bottom. Rubber of course would require some big fannage.
  11. Clutch

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    This has definietly piqued my interest in snowtroopers.
  12. Star Wars Helmets

    Star Wars Helmets Sr Member

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    Don't ya just love the "real-world" mistake of some costumer at Elstree putting the shoulders on upside down makes him a "Commander" in the SW Universe. :lol


  13. PropReplicator

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    If you make a vac-formed cowl, do not forget the two rectangular indentations that go on the nose-bridge area. They are hard to see in some pics, such as those posted above, but they are there.

  14. RKW

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    I'm sure the commander has his boots on the wrong feet.

    They're also the same boots as worn by the AT-AT drivers and his shoulder armour is in the same orientation as theirs.

    Can't believe you've only just noticed him.
  15. kurtyboy

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    I couldn't take my eyes off General Veers. Always fancied him. :love
  16. Stormtrooper

    Stormtrooper Well-Known Member

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    Wow... very cool info :)

    I always thought the Snowtrooper Commander was just a Snowtrooper with rank insignia on his chest... didn't pay much attention to the costume...

  17. division 6

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    Ironicly the 12" figure has the Commanders chest plate.

  18. mez7

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    you can make them out in the top pic, if you look close, i went back to check after your post, and saw them, since i never noticed them before :p
  19. Lupus Yonderboy

    Lupus Yonderboy Well-Known Member

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    Then it's possible the gloves just might be the same as the AT-AT driver ones as well, right?
    If so - I think that makes three places the com pad has been used: AT-AT driver, Cloud City Ugnaught (sp?) and Snowtrooper cmdr.
    I've never managed to get a decent pic of the AT-AT driver com pad, hopefully there are better ones of this one. Back to searching the archive :)

    If anyone already has a good pic of the com pad, by all means - feel free to post it though :lol

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