Help with parts ID!!!


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So I've decided to build a 1:1 replica of the model Adam Savage builds from scratch on his Tested YouTube. Here's the link:

Anyway, I've actually managed to extrapolate some fairly accurate (I think haha) measurements from one snippet of info and a whole lot of screenshots!

My main problem is that towards the end where he starts kitbashing, he says he's using the Airfix Eagle Transport and Hasegawa Anzio Annie as the donor kits. However I can't seem to ID the part that he places inside the top of his model. I've looked up the kit scans on Studio Scale Modelers and can't find it. I spent 3 weeks scouring all the other kit scans on Studio Scale Modelers and can't find it.

On closer inspection of the YouTube clip, Adam doesn't pull the piece out of the Eagle Transporter box (which sits off to the side) so my question is: can anyone tell me what it is?


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Also, if anyone is interested I can do a build log. It's turning into quite a fun project and learning how to extrapolate the measurements has been useful.


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Can't tell you from what kit that part is but I can see air bubbles, pin holes and that it's solid so I am 100% sure it's a resin part from his leftover parts box. It might even be the case that it's a part he molded and cast himself that consists of other parts.


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Are you talking about the light tan piece on top that sits in a relief? It looks like the bottom part of a car model, probably 1/25. You can see the metal stamping and the curved foot well area. Not sure which car though.


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The casting has an assortment of parts on it. I think I recognize a couple of Plastruct stair strips (or zip ties) running along the edge. In the trench, I think i see a tank muffler. It's hard to see.

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