1. Landiner1

    AT-ST Empire Strikes Back Chicken Walker

    Good day Im new in this forum Im building an AT ST prop replica with exact armature designs and all kitbashing pieces and kits from Tamiya, Italeri, MPC etc Anyone else is building it ?
  2. hoosleberg

    Scratch/kitbashed 1/24 X-wing

    For the past 3 months I've been slowly chipping away at a studio scale T-65. I have been able to source about 10 of the less rare kits on ebay. For the hard to find kits I plan to scratch or 3d print the pieces. Full size drawings posted on the forums, the ILM Red 3 pics and Bandai's 1/72 kit...
  3. jusdrewit

    My model kits & other builds over the last 4 years

    A few weeks ago I snapped a photo of just about every model kit, 3d resin statue, my first kitbash and every quick build I have completed since around 2017. I was a bit surprised at how much it was. Sometimes I feel like I'm cranking out one project every 6 months lol, I know some amazing...
  4. hoosleberg

    Scratchbuilt 1/36 Y-Wing expanded universe variant

    I wanted to build a y-wing at a pretty big scale but not quite studio scale so 1/36 it was. 1/35 would probably be a more conventional modeling scale but I was using the Bandai 1/144 y-wing to measure off of and multiplying everything by 4 made for easier numbers to work with. I'll be...
  5. JCulley3D

    Jawa Speeder Coffee Can - Scratchbuild / Kitbash

    Check out the build video if you want to see our first time playing with XPS foam to make a diorama!
  6. RobertHack

    Scratch built KLF "Dalek"

    Here's a very simple build that was way more satisfying than I would have thought. It started as a one day build, but of course took several. A big inspiration was watching the asavage styrene plate kitbash video. Previously, I had only used it as a material to modify off-the-shelf...
  7. darthvader073

    Zvezda/Revell ISD + 3D Printable Greeblies

    Hi everyone! After some two years of owning it, I finally managed to find time to tackle down this modelling project. One of the reasons is a planned home theater that I will make this summer, and it will need a couple of nice looking models to populate it :p My end goal is to make this Avenger...
  8. jusdrewit

    My submission for the Archive-X Speederbike competition

    Hello, this is my entry for Archive X speederbike competition. This is all kit bashed, built between several model kits and some bits of styrene. The 6" figure started as a Catwoman base that was modified extensively as well. I lost track of the hours but it was well over a 100 hours, but so...
  9. G

    Help with parts ID!!!

    So I've decided to build a 1:1 replica of the model Adam Savage builds from scratch on his Tested YouTube. Here's the link: Anyway, I've actually managed to extrapolate some fairly accurate...
  10. TheNakedSilo

    4-Legged Scout Walker: "Blue Max" (full build)

    Hey, folks! Long time lurker, first time poster. Very happy to be here; this place is truly awesome and continually inspiring. Short background: I'd built a few Star Trek ships in the 1990s, but didn't really get into modelling in a big way. After about a 15-year hiatus, I got into modelling in...
  11. RobertHack

    Megaweapon (Warrior of the Lost World, MST3K) Kitbash

    My kitbash of the vehicle MEGAWEAPON, from the 1983 film WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD. A movie made more (in)famous after being a riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Shots from the film I had to work with: I started with a Lindberg Big Moe dump truck kit from 1981, the closest off the shelf...