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  1. zenx13

    Star Wars Speeder Bike Scratch Build & Diorama

    Greetings - I wanted to share my Star Wars Speeded Bike build, I hope this is the best area to do that. My main area of work is in Terrain Building and dioramas and the material I work with most often is XPS Foam (highly compressed pink insulation) so you are about to see a lot of pink...
  2. zenx13

    Blade Runner "Inspired" Blaster (Scratch Built): PKD-13

    Greetings everyone! I am new to the RPF Forum and wanted to share my Blade Runner Inspired Blaster project to date. I have been working on it (on and off) for about 4 months but some of the items I collected for the build go back a number of years. I was not sure if I had the right skills yet...
  3. jusdrewit

    My submission for the Archive-X Speederbike competition

    Hello, this is my entry for Archive X speederbike competition. This is all kit bashed, built between several model kits and some bits of styrene. The 6" figure started as a Catwoman base that was modified extensively as well. I lost track of the hours but it was well over a 100 hours, but so...
  4. monsterpartyhat

    Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files V5 available)

    Hi all, [EDIT: STL files are freely available if you want to print your own, see here: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files available)] [EDIT 2: Version 2: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files V2 available)] [EDIT 3: Version 3: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files...
  5. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner : Lobster Aerodyne

    So for my first scratch build I decided on the "Lobster" aerodyne from Blade Runner (although it could just as easily be called the "cobra car" from the stencils you can see on its "claw" wheel wells in some shots of the studio model. Its kind of mysterious, and relatively obscure (no toys or...
  6. G

    Help with parts ID!!!

    So I've decided to build a 1:1 replica of the model Adam Savage builds from scratch on his Tested YouTube. Here's the link: Anyway, I've actually managed to extrapolate some fairly accurate...
  7. g0rb

    Papercraft + mixed media Sabre Strike Tank

    After finishing my previous Fire Raptor build, I wanted to take a quick break and build something new from scratch, applying everything I had learned so far. To do it quickly meant no major modifications to whatever template I started with, and not reinventing the wheel. So I started with an...
  8. onebaldman

    How to Build - An Indie Film Spaceship

    Hi! My name is Cameron. I am currently in pre-production for our short film called "Infinitus". I am looking to use miniatures and practical FX mixed with a little SFX. I've been heavily researching scratch builds and kit-bashing, but I am having a really hard time getting started. I went to...
  9. orthofox

    Kit-bashed speeder bike, novel design, 1/35 scale

    I've been out of the modeling mode for several months now due to my work schedule getting dramatically worse recently. This has been a major diversion from my main project, a 1:72 scale replica of the HMS Pegasus 1776. With a very small window of opportunity several weeks ago, I thought I could...
  10. K

    3D Printing Resources for Scratchbuilding

    Hello all, I really want to start doing more model building, specifically scratch building. I love the look of scratch built models made for older sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Star Wars. I think the super custom and unique models would be extraordinarily fun to make and be able to...
  11. g0rb

    Scratchbuilt mixed-media Fire Raptor

    Hi all, I've been working on a scratchbuilt Fire Raptor. The main construction is done, and the assembled interior is painted, but I still have some detail to put on the outside before I can start painting it up. The main build log is over at, so I'll only post an excerpt of...
  12. S

    Interested in building the jenny haniver from Mortal Engines

    Hello all, I have recently seen the trailer and short model making video from Mortal Engines and was taken in by the Red airship called the "jenny haniver". I would love to build a model of it but there are so few photos. I might have to wait for more info and screen captures to become...
  13. Joker Laugh- Werewolf

    Joker Laugh- Werewolf

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