1. g0rb

    Papercraft + mixed media Sabre Strike Tank

    After finishing my previous Fire Raptor build, I wanted to take a quick break and build something new from scratch, applying everything I had learned so far. To do it quickly meant no major modifications to whatever template I started with, and not reinventing the wheel. So I started with an...
  2. onebaldman

    How to Build - An Indie Film Spaceship

    Hi! My name is Cameron. I am currently in pre-production for our short film called "Infinitus". I am looking to use miniatures and practical FX mixed with a little SFX. I've been heavily researching scratch builds and kit-bashing, but I am having a really hard time getting started. I went to...
  3. orthofox

    Kit-bashed speeder bike, novel design, 1/35 scale

    I've been out of the modeling mode for several months now due to my work schedule getting dramatically worse recently. This has been a major diversion from my main project, a 1:72 scale replica of the HMS Pegasus 1776. With a very small window of opportunity several weeks ago, I thought I could...
  4. K

    3D Printing Resources for Scratchbuilding

    Hello all, I really want to start doing more model building, specifically scratch building. I love the look of scratch built models made for older sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Star Wars. I think the super custom and unique models would be extraordinarily fun to make and be able to...
  5. g0rb

    Scratchbuilt mixed-media Fire Raptor

    Hi all, I've been working on a scratchbuilt Fire Raptor. The main construction is done, and the assembled interior is painted, but I still have some detail to put on the outside before I can start painting it up. The main build log is over at, so I'll only post an excerpt of...
  6. S

    Interested in building the jenny haniver from Mortal Engines

    Hello all, I have recently seen the trailer and short model making video from Mortal Engines and was taken in by the Red airship called the "jenny haniver". I would love to build a model of it but there are so few photos. I might have to wait for more info and screen captures to become...
  7. Joker Laugh- Werewolf

    Joker Laugh- Werewolf