Help with cabling and plumbing ?


New Member
I'm interested in building something like this with lots of cabling.

However I need advice on the connectors.

For now I can think of 2 types -

Tnc connectors used for antennas, or
Sma connectors, the type used for router antennas.

However I feel these are too small.

Are there bigger connectors for thicker cables?
For the cabling, to keep it light I am toying with the idea of using cylindrical Eva foam tubes instead.
I think many of these elements seem to be "hoses" as opposed to "cables". Perhaps "functioning" as air lines, cooling lines, waste lines, etc. Hoses tend to be of larger diameter than electrical cables. However, these are not standard cable or hose connectors so I expect you will need to fabricate your own designs.

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