HELP! What paints for fixing 3D print in colour?


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Hi there,

I've had my 3d model of the cake topper for my wedding printed in colour however the bride is not best pleased about the colour her hair has come out so I'll need to do a bit of a DIY paint fix.
I'm pretty naive about 3D Printing so have come to those with more experience for help - they have told me this about the material:

"We will produce this model in a plaster based material infiltrated with a cyanoacrylate adhesive"

If anybody has any insights into what sorts of paints would stick well to this I'd be very grateful!

Many thanks, Scott

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Well if it's plaster soaked into cyano (superglue) anything acrylic, cellulosic or enamel paints will do the job. I would go for enamel paints like the small humbrol tins you can get anywhere in a large range of colors.
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