04' Reverse beartrap replica,(HELP) hunt for the last pieces!(edit found them!) Bonus animatronic Billy & 04' pig!

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Hi all! ,I'm a newbie to the form. I have an Instagram account at petronepayton_sculpting if anyone would like to check out my work! Been on mm.net for quite awhile too. Anyways,to the point & get your reading glasses on,this is alot and I apologize!!!

I am trying to recreate a close to 100% accurate reverse beartrap replica from the original SAW (2004) ,I already have almost all of the original parts tracked down and bought, including the same make and model bicycle break parts for the left side of the trap.also made the front area out of resin to keep it light weight(last pic below),since the whole base will be in aluminum+ a few brazed on metal pieces.
But,here's the kicker.
These two parts circled in red,mainly the top part is giving me the BIGGEST trouble trying to track down,and I know many on this form are great at doing just that!
I've gotten in contact with the original makeup man from SAW 04, the prop/trap/puppet builder from SAW II- all the sequels, and the original builder of the 2004 traps. And while all have been extremely nice!!!,I have yet to figure out what the heck these parts are.
The bottom piece(third pic down) with the pull pin, I'm thinking is a music box/reader (4th pic down ,generic eBay listing) that's been messed around.
As far as the top part goes, I've looked at cassette player guts,vhs player,car stereos,toy cassette players,tape decks ,etc and I'm getting some close looking pieces ,but no cigar.
There's better shots of the back/top part I'm speaking of,I can post those when I get back home of the bluray (out of town ATM) . This is just from a quick scope of Google images.

The guy who did the traps from the sequels,including new beartraps said he fabricated this part from scrap,as he didn't have time to try tracking originals down. And I may end up doing that,but would like to stay true to the source material if possible.

I can go more in detail,but it would drag this on longer then it already is! Anyways,hope there's some interest in this, & if not it's no biggie! Just figured I'd go to some pro's to get some help tracking this down,if possible before having to fabricate it from scrap. More to come! check my Instagram for more info!
Bonus below,an animatronic Billy head I made from resin,based off the original 2004 version (papermache clay/ plaster head James wan created) that was not used in the sequels(full doll in progress). And a pig mask that got compliments from the original maker,saying it's much closer then most before get it! I was very pleased and made my day!!(original saw 2004 version).

Again sorry for the long rambling,just wanted to introduce myself,aswell as ask for help and explain best I could!


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