Help me, RPF, you're my only hope.


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Long time lurker via my husband, first time posting. Hello, and I hope this is kosher!

RPF, I need your help. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and I've been thinking on what to get him for his birthday..which brings me here.

He has a replica Darth Vader lightsaber that's been sitting, completely out of use, for about 5 or 6 years now after an ex broke the blade. He keeps mentioning wanting to fix it up, but in all the time I've known him it's stayed put in his workshop. What I'd like to be able to do is repair it for him on the sly, since I know he'll never get around to it himself (even though he wants it operational to put on display in our "War Room"/computer room).

If I can tell y'all what's wrong, post some pictures of the components, could you guys maybe point me in the right direction as far as replacement parts go? I'm confident enough in my DIY skills to be able to make the repairs myself, I just need a better picture of what I'm doing and what I need.

Thank you, hopefully, in advance.


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We would need to know if it's a Master Replicas, or a custom piece. You can see it at the bottom of the hilt. Also, have you considered buying a new one? Maybe cheaper than fixing that one.


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Is he a regular on here? Won't he see this post? I would recommend editing your initial post to remove any historical specifics about the saber, if he comes here regularly.


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I'll second that! This is extremely thoughtful and the world needs more folks like you.

That being said - go for it! pics, some more details and explanation would help immensely.

it MIGHT be cheaper to replace it, and use that one as a belt hanger or display piece. He could even find some real-world parts and customize the darned thing.


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You could always decide to replace the blade with the leds for 1 red luxeon or cree led inside the hilt + another blade ... this conversion is not for the weak-hearted, though I'm left-handed when it comes to electronics :wacko ... I think all parts required can be purchased at several vendors i.e. The Custom Saber Shop or perhaps you could place a WTB in the Junkyard for another DV lightsaber and later offer the broken one up for sale?


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