Help me identify this movie.....


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I have no idea what movie this is, can't help you with actors or plots.

All I remember is that there was a bad guy assassin couple who dressed in black. The male of the couple was funny and witty and he was always barefoot... or maybe she was barefoot. Either way, one of them always had no shoes on.

At the end he and his girl were blown up I believe in their car.

If you can solve this


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Might wanna try getting this moved to the movie forum... Might help a bit.

Also , if you can give an approx year of when you saw the movie, or how old it might be, that might help a bit.



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Is it Danger: Diabolik? Not exactly barefoot or assassins, but the dude dressed in a funky black suit and I THINK he went barefoot or had footie shoes or something.
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