Help identifying a helmet

It has been found, it was from The Crusade Babylon 5 series.

That is it! wow, you are amazing! Mine has a little different lighting over the face (very well could have been changed somewhere along the line). There is also a place where it looks like someone had attached something to the top of the helmet, but again, someone else might have done that.
So the question is, should I try and restore it? And how? I am not to collecting and do not want to butcher up a nice piece.
Is this item of value?

I liked the show and I think that on it's own restored would be cool. As for value, the show was not a hit, only a die hard Sci- Fi fan like myself even remembers it. I have been planning to built a spacesuit for Halloween but the helmet has been my one problem I am a model builder but I have never done a helmet, this thing would be perfect. Would you be willing to part with it as is?
I may be interested in parting with it. It looks really cool on the shelf, but I would really like to fix it, I just know I don't have have the skills to attempt it at this time. Maybe some kind of trade?
The helmet would not that difficult to fix, but you will have to do some sanding and some minor bondo work as it seems to have a fiberglass finish. The missing ear piece could be done out of resin, or duplicated on a lathe. Then match the paint...
I don't have any experience with fiberglass but I have friends who build fiberglass hulls for radio control boats so I would have help with the repairs. I am also lucking in that I have access to a full machine shop at my work. I don't know if I have anything you would be interested in trading for it but if you give me some idea of what you are looking for maybe we could work something out.
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