Help identifying a helmet


Mystery Solved! thank you Captain April!! This is from: The Crusade Babylon 5 series

Hi all. I bought this helmet at a garage sale a few years ago. At the time, the girl said it came fro Starship Troopers, but I have yet to see a scene where this might have come from. So, not sure what movie if any it is from.

It is a very nicely constructed piece. The ring on the bottom is nice aluminum that looks to attach to a suit. The side pieces at the ear are machined aluminum. The visor above the face has an area where you could put lighting to illuminate the face. It is a little rough. I was thknking to try and restore/repair it, but first I wanted to figure out what it was, and how much care I should take to keep it original.





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Def not Starship troopers. Some sort of EVA helment. Kinda reminds me of the 2001 helments.
It is indeed similar to the 2001 helmet but still... I recognize it from somewhere else...
What about planet of the apes? (original film) I don't really remember how that suit looks like and couldn't find a decent pic. Just kinda fits :p
Is there any chance you might have some refrence photo's from Babylon5: Thirdspace? I would really like to know.
BTW, def not BSG. I had this before that came out. :(
Thank you all for the input, you guys are a great group!
I was able to get the DVD during lunch:

As you can see although the design is very close it's not the one you have. I have seen that Helmet somewhere...:cry
VERY similar. I would guess made by the same prop maker. The lite panel above the face is almost spot on. However, more machining work was done on the aluminum pieces. The round vent is all alum, and rotates in a socket.
Based on the ring on the base, it really looks to have mounted to some kind of enviromental type suit.
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