Help crack the "Project Prometheus" password!


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The viral marketing going on for Prometheus is pretty neat. First a website for Weyland Industries appeared, then we got a TED talk video from Peter Weyland himself. A few days ago, a "company timeline" was added over on, and while browsing through it, the following link was discovered.

Project Prometheus

It's been a few days now, and as far as I know, the password still remains unknown. I've tried various words I've found within the timeline, and I've tried googling others that I thought might have been clues. Still no luck!


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I don't really understand why everyone assumes that the page is even active yet. The Weyland website when there was only the TED video had many problems with missing content, under construction prompts, and just general information gone at random times.

My guess is when they actually have something ready to link to, they will make the super secret password less super secret / non-existent.


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Okay... tell abu shahrain.

How in the holy hell do you end up with that?

This is also turning out to be a pretty pointless viral campaign.. both of the images "revealed" so far have been stills from the trailer. High-res, yes, but nothing we haven't seen before.


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not for me either. Maybe take out the spaces?

Project Prometheus

then enter password
solutions from unfiction forums: -from sevensonicstructures

"the's first two directories (assuming there's more, I hope so).

First url: Project Prometheus

Second url: Project Prometheus
Pass: tell abu shahrain "

they're pretty active over there trying to solve what is turning out so far to be an undramatic ARG

and for those of you who have registered as investors but haven't checked your email yet...


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hah, yeah, pretty dissapointing so far. still, fun trying to figure out. but yeah, does anyone have ANY idea how in the holy hell we we're supposed to figure out "DDM2DDM2DDM2AMAMAMBIGBIGBIGBMESMPP"??? I was WAYYYY off...
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Whats interesting is the screenshots of twitter is a twitter name "obFuSc8" - that person is on top of pretty much all things viral. He/she was the one that figured out most of the Lost viral leading to the last season when the limited posters went on sale. Good to see them still around

/back on track

I love viral campaigns but this one is pretty crazy


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Tell Abu Shahrain, in Iraq, is the modern location for the ancient Sumerian city Eridu. Eridu being the subdirectory where the password prompt appears...