Help and Tips needed


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First time post here so bare with me if this has already been answered or not in the right section.

I am looking into making a Nightwing Costume (I know there is a good fair few of them about lately, but mine will be different)
I plan on making this costume based off 3 separate plaster casts.

After scouring the internet I cannot find anywhere that says what material I should use or exactly how the process would occur. And I'm hoping you guys can help me.
I have heard that they are made from Liquid Latex or Rubber? Not sure if that's 100% right but are there any alternatives? which is easier to use? Which is cost effective? I will be using like a morph suit underneath as a body liner



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If you're planning on sculpting the pieces you're going to end up using either urethane or a latex rubber for your final pulls. If you're looking for something a little less expensive you could always go with eva foam or sintra...the foam is pretty user friendly for us noobs lol. I'm still fairly new at this myself so hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience will chime in, but that's my .02 cents. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.