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    Me and two friends have decided to go for a JSA theme for Halloween this year. I picked Hawkman and wanted to kind of put a unique spin on it, kind of based on multiple variations of the costume. I started with the helmet, used a couple different modified JF Custom foam patterns: Captain America Helmet and parts of the Hawkman file. I didn't take photos early on but here's what I've got so far. (Be gentle it's my first real foam build lol)

    First mock up with overall helmet and beak and eye sockets.

    What I didn't get pictures of: Added some extra foam to create definition around the eye brow and added more foam to have the beak look higher on face.

    First coat of plasti dip and wings attached, pattern on wings is shallow cuts used to create wing design and used heat gun to open them up.

    Up next will be more coats of plasti dip and gold paint.
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