Hasbro x-wing conversion progress**updated pics**


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I originally posted a question to the studio-scale folks about getting some castings of some of the parts used on the studio scale x-wing to use on my x-wing because the scales are very close. Anyway, after consideration, this topic really belongs here as my x-wing it not technically studio scale and I have added a couple of progress shots of my ertl falcon as well. See the "question for all the studio scale x-wing builders" thread over in the studio scale forum for a brief history.

Sorry Mr/Ms moderator, if I could move the thread my self I would have. Will be more thoughtful in the future.

Well, here a few progress shots of my x-wing. Sorry if they appear a bit dark/grainy, I need to increase the light level when i take these pics next time. Adjusted them to help.

Anyway, maybe this will inspire someone to help me out. Like I said in my last post, I have removed the cockpit framing and have opened the windows up (not seen) and have begun the base for the cockpit itself. I made the dashboard?? last night, but i think that it is too long and does not set up high enough. Mind you, I am going for the look of the full scale prop rather than the small scale filming miniature. I have also reduced the width of the r2 strip by adding strips of styrene and changed the angle of the upper fuselage area around the r2 strip to better represent the filming miniature. I also extended the r2 strip closer the the rear of the cockpit, as it sat too far back. I have noticed that the overall shape of the upper fuselage around the r2 strip and particularly the area that blends into the buttplate, closer resembles the large scale miniature, you know the nearly 4ft one. I have also removed the handle that was molded into the underside and replaced it with sheet to match it with the contour of the lower fuselage. enlarged the wing openings in the fuselage as well as removed the large panel detail on either side behind the cockpit because it was placed too far back and was too toy like in quality. I will be adding a scratched detail in its correct location later.

I have also dropped a couple of pics of a little further progress on my Ertl Falcon, mainly the rebuilt upper gun and some added detail on the underside. I added the detail on the sides of the docking clamp arms and have used parts from a 1/24 spitfire to scratch a better looking gun. Doesn't exactly match the scale model, but looks way better than just the stock piece. I detailed it to follow the details of the 5ft.



I like it. I alwayz though that the large X-wing toy would make a decent starting base for a "studio ish" scale x-wing. I also like that falcon a lot. You really do underestimate your scratch building skills
Its going ot be awesome when you're done!

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Thanks Guys for the encouraging words. It means alot to get it from such talented builders like yourselves. I have really enjoyed these two projects. The x-wing has become a break from the falcon. I was originally going to work on it on the side between the falcon, but as soon as I made the first modification to the x, I was hooked. I haven't done a single thing for the falcon since. The gun was the last thing I did. It was a blast to build. while it is not completely accurate, it closely resembles it and the even though you can't see it, the ends are hollow. My real regret with the falcon is not enlarging the cockpit tube and replacing the cockpit. But it still looks good even so. Doing that at this stage is a bit intimidating. However, since working on the falcon and especially the X, I have gained alot of confidence. When I started to remove the toy handle from the lower fuselage of the X, I was very nervous. I mean, it was crucial that I get it right. When I got it right, I was so stoked that I went right into the cockpit and after about three attempts, got a base that really seems to work. I will be receiving the saturn V kits next week and can't wait to get them up against the X, that's what really makes her come alive. If they are really too big, then I will continue with the early production version since they are larger on that painting. If they still fit into the scale equation, then I will proceed with a more official/accurate X. At that point, hopefully, some one will be able to assist me with some cast pieces.

Will keep the updates coming as I am working on the X nearly every free moment I have.

I love this hobby!!!!!

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If you click on "Quote" under my screen name on my previous post, you can easily see how I posted you pic straight into the thread!
Thanks PHarchivist for the tip, no I did not know how to do that. Will give it a try.

Worked on her a bit this weekend. The cockpit dashboard is being a !@#$. I have looked at stills from the movie as well as some pics from the books, but can't really get a decent look at the full size prop's cockpit. There are so many curves!!! So, I have decided to do mine based on CC's kit cockpit.

Here are some pics of my cockpit based on the full scale prop. Let me tell ya, it was a !@#$%. Took three attempts before I got to this point, but I am pretty happy with it. There are little things that bother me, but they will nearly disappear when the framing is attached and painted/detailed and honestly, when viewed from the distance that it will be, these things will hardley be noticeable.\

Also, started on R2 and need your opinion as to the shape of him. This is my second attempt for R2, this one looked more accurate.




Thanks for looking

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