Hasbro NERF M41-A Pulse Rifle


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I did a search and did not find any reference to the Nerf M41-A that is supposed to ship in Oct. from Hasbropulse. I pre-ordered 2 a year ago.
I guess wait until October? :unsure:

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Bummer that the shooting barrel is below the actual barrel, but it's still cool.
Definitely needs a strip down, clean up and paint job.

Lot's of modding potential.


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"Close caption is unavailable"

Anyone here want to translate Chinese for me?

Yeno, except for the "woah, woah, woah!" parts. :D
Mine arrived today!! I'm in Australia and pre-ordered it through a local online retailer EB Games.
My review follows:
It's gorgeous. The box is a nice green cardboard, designed to look like a rifle case, with Colonial Marines branding and some cool Acid burn-holes through it. The back has Weyland Yutani and ARMAT branding on it.
It opens up with a schematic of the rifle on the inside of the lid and nice cardboard cutouts to hold the rifle and darts in place.
The darts are standard Nerf darts, though in a cool gunmetal-coloured foam with bronze rubber tips. They're not bullets but they look a little better than the usual neon colours. The Magazine holds 10 darts and clips in exactly like in the movie and is super satisfying. The Grenade Launcher uses the larger Mega darts and comes with three. They aren't breach loaded or anything, you slot them in the front of the barrel, prime the pump and they shoot. But it's still cool.
The Ammo counter works beautifully. When you pull the magazine out, it zero's out with two horizontal lines and when you insert the Magazine it restores the displayed total. And there are little buttons to the side of the counter so you can set what total you want to display. Set it to 93 and it will count down to 83 as you fire each dart and go back up to 93 when you refill the mag and reinsert. There's no on or off switch that I can see it just powers off after a few minutes of inactivity.
The sound effects are meh, and a little quiet. It uses one of those electric flywheels for the main rifle and you hold down the smaller trigger/button under the main Trigger to charge it up, then pull the main Trigger to fire. The flywheel is kind of loud and drowns out the firing sound, and it's not the iconic Pulse Rifle Sound, it's just a generic fake gun firing sound. Squeeze the trigger once for single shot or hold down for auto fire. It's got a pretty good range. I haven't tested it outside yet or anything but I shot my son in the back from across the room (heh heh) and I could hear the thud as it impacted. He was not happy.
Stick a "Grenade" (Mega Dart) in the front under the barrel and prime the pump and it too fires with decent range and an explosive "thumping" sound effect, again, not super accurate.
I have no idea if it has any other sounds but I think its beeped at me occasionally.
The paint scheme is exactly as expected. It's "inspired by the Power Loader" scene from Aliens, so yellow with black hazard stripes. Not ideal but Nerf is never going to make a toy that's coloured anything like a real gun so this is a decent alternative. I'll be painting mine up anyways. Most of the logos, markings and lines on it are just painted on. The only ones that are embossed are the two you really don't want, that aren't in-universe at all - the NERF and Aliens logos. This is pretty standard I think for Nerf toys and it's only the two NERF logo's on the main body (which should be easy to sand smooth) and the Aliens logo on the recessed barrel part, which will be a little trickier but not insurmountable.

In terms of accuracy, it's pretty damn amazing, especially for a NERF toy..
The cut-outs in the lower Grenade launcher barrel are moulded in, not fully cut out, though the vertical cutouts on the top rifle barrel are open. You might be able to dremel out the holes, though I don't know enough about NERF to know if that will affect the firing/plunger of the grenade launcher.
The muzzles are a little off. The firing rifle barrel is an additional lower piece not present on the prop, and what would be the real muzzle looks more like a small scope or laser targeter. At least that's my head cannon.
The butt of the magazine is a different shape but I think that's a design choice to make it easier to insert and remove. It makes sense and is easier to grab than the prop's magazine would have been.
Otherwise, the moulding, fake screws and rivets are mainly in the right spots, and the clips and clamps and small details are pretty accurate. A few things are slightly off or out of position, there's not the exact correct number of cut-outs on the grenade barrel etc but for a NERF toy, it's an impressive attention to detail.
There's a crap tonne of screw holes to be filled in on the reverse (which is kind of unavoidable for a toy) and an additional panel of Legalise text that will have to be sanded off and filled in. But even with that, this side is great, including different moulding around the trigger guard and grip modelled off the prop. It blows my mind that they actually went to the trouble to mould in the different details for both left and right sides of the prop.
The battery chamber is to the rear of the rifle on this side and still manages to be pretty nicely moulded in. When painted up, it should be a pretty dark colour scheme and properly weathered and beaten up the seams for the battery compartment shouldn't be all that visible. It takes 4 x "C-Cell" batteries and the battery compartment is a good size. I can totally imagine pulling out the plastic battery holder, installing a Li-on battery pack and drilling a small recessed hole in the underside of the butt of the rifle for a charging port. Just need to confirm the voltage requirements and ensure that any over-voltage or fluctuation won't fry the rest of the electronics.
It's got decent weight to it, though not nearly as heavy as I imagine the real pulse rifle would be. The plastic feels dense and solid and I think it will stand up to use pretty well.

I'm going to start sanding off the paint and logos this weekend, roughing up the overall surface for painting and detailing. It's a pretty simple paint scheme so hopefully, it won't be too hard, but I'm super slow at this kind of thing and have at least 5 other builds going at the moment so it probably won't be finished any time soon.
I'm trying to decide if I need to bother disassembling this or can just mask it up and paint it as is. Normally I try to separate pieces and paint it disassembled, but this is basically a two-tone paint scheme (black and green/brown) with weathering and some small detail work. I think if I can avoid opening this, I'll be able to fill in all the seam lines and screw holes, and not risk mucking up the electrics. Part of me wants to look into installing a larger speaker but I'm not sure I wanna risk mucking this thing up, especially given the sounds aren't accurate. I may unscrew it, carefully open it and take a look inside. If it's too complicated, I'll just seal it back up and paint it as is.

If anyone has any questions or wants photos of particular parts or details, let me know.

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Mine arrived today!! I'm in Australia and pre-ordered it through a local online retailer EB Games.
I wrote a short review on the other thread, but I'm super pumped with it. A great piece with a lot of potential to paint it up.
Hasbro M41-A Pulse Rifle

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Honestly, if it were in the correct colors I wouldn't even mind the Nerf logo. It's a Nerf Pulse Rifle, how friggin awesome is that?!

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