Hasbro NERF M41-A Pulse Rifle repaint / mod

Thanks for your thread James!!!

Helped me a great deal, I ended up using 25mm eraser refills (painted) to plug my screw holes just in case I ever have to break inside to fix anything later on.

How did you make your laser etched aluminum maker plate? I'd love the files while you're offering it. One can get gerber or black vinyl onto silver/alumn. vinyl cut, but how did you do it?

Thanks so much - here's mine!
View attachment 1662183
The other side with the screws plugged.

View attachment 1662184
While I appreciated the mods of many contributors/artists here concerning that Nerf Pulse Rifle, I think that yours is the best so far :cool: :cool: (y) (y) It has the right subtle amount of wear & tear and really look like a real weapon. ;) The only thing I would add to yours is to make the bolt the same size as a real Thompson.
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A bump for Nerf Pulse Rifles but I made a 3d printed replacement for the horrible stock and wanted to share...
I can send to anyone if they want it.




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