Harry Potter World's Smallest Howler


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Okay, it's probably not the world's smallest, but it's pretty itty bitty. I threw this together for my niece for the release party. Because she's eleven, it's completely waterproof and pretty darn rugged.

In these photos it's sitting on top of my full-sized Howler.



That's just too darn cute!!! I LOVE miniature things!! Great job!

What did you use for the wax seal, a typewriter key or something!?

Good catch! It's actually a metal letter from an 1800s make-your-own-stamp type kit. I picked up a huge box at an antique show and wondered, "what am I ever going to do with this?" VIOLA!
Do you have any pics of it next to something I can gauge size from?

If that's as small as I think, that is bad-ass!! :thumbsup

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