Harry Potter Sweaters - Help me find it!


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I am trying to get my daughter a good Harry Potter costume to wear for the last movie premier next month and I have been looking online for the sweater from the Sorcerer's Stone/Chamber of Secret's style.
The MR version does not have the color stripe around the neck so I would like to find something more accurate. Does anyone know were I should be looking?

This is the best sample photo I can find for what I want:
Harry Potter Pictures, Images and Graphics

Also the clasp buttons for the cloak are those available someplace?

Thanks for any assistance!


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The stripe is accurate for the SS/COS style. Alivan's has a SS/COS style. If you want any of the other movies (no stripe on neck -- POA - DH), Lockhaven in Scotland made them for the movie and sells them online. I believe they're even starting to carry lockhaven's at WWoHP now.
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