Help me find this SA Rick Grimes shirt


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Im looking for this season 3 Rick Grimes shirt. Looks like a Levi’s but I’m not 100%. The shirt is definitely modified. This shirt definitely originally had stripes. Also the sticking is a very bright color. Could be white or MAYBE yellow but pictures looks white. Also something that is uncommon about it is that it looks like the very top button (the tie button) is a snap button and NOT a hole with a button which is what most Levi’s use. Also notice on the back, instead of the shirts stitching making a ‘V’ shape (like most Levi’s) instead it goes straight across, shoulder to shoulder. I believe the snaps are pearl colored and not black. (Tho the very bottom button looks black, the rest look pearl). Another thing to look for is under the pocket (like the Levi’s Barstow shirt) there is a distinct line in the stitching of the pocket, very common in Levi’s. Also one more thing to add. The stripes on his back, above the stitching line, the stripes go ACROSS!!! Very unusual because most shirts the stripes go down with the rest of the shirt. Also something else to add. The cuff has a single snap to it. Also there was a removed logo at the bottom of the shirt. There is also red and blue lines in the collar of the shirt. And of course as seen in the picture double stitching on the sides. That’s all I can point out as of now.


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