Harry Potter Hogwarts Mural

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by pyxl, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. pyxl

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    After much pleading....I've agreed to re-do my 9 year old daughter's room. Her request was for a total "Harry Potter" room. I'd made a small section of stone and a door last year and she asked me to make the whole room fit the theme.

    This is a mural on one wall...two more coming. I kept the castle high enough that as she moves things around in the room (bed, dresser, desk) it will be high enough to be out of the way.

    The picture has a camera flash hot spot in the middle of the castle, but you get the idea. I think it's taken about 2 days to get it done. Lots of fun.

    The other wall will be a close-up of a desk with the Marauder's map and assorted desk items...and the last two will be a continuation of the stone wall I did earlier.

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  2. Gryffindor1991

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    oh my gosh, that is beautiful! it even has the giant squid's tentacle sticking out of the water!
  3. Arwyniel

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    That is really, really wonderful work! :thumbsup
  4. ecl

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    wow that's beautiful! I especially like the way the crest is painted.
  5. ttackett7780

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    Amazing, your very talented!:)
  6. Mole

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  7. steffi955

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    This is amazing! I'm so jealous!
  8. Nobby

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    omg! awesome work.
    and in just 2 days! very impressed
  9. Zevlar Rayco

    Zevlar Rayco New Member

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    that's one lucky little girl. I always had to get new posters if I wanted to redecorate. nothing as cool as this.
  10. lukeforester1

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    Wow! fantastic!
  11. Russ257

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    wow, you have some great artistic skill.
  12. jheilman

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    Very impressive. My son wants a Potter room, but I was going to rely on photo sources. Unfortunately, almost none of them are hi-res enough to hold as wall decor. Too bad you can't get the Potter organization to license that, digitize it and sell wall murals of it.
  13. jheilman

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    One project I started researching some time ago for wall decor was replicating the Black family tree as seen in Order of the Phoenix. Not impossible, just VERY big and time consuming.
  14. epilepticsquirl

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    wow, you've got some skills in that hand of yours!
  15. Ramses

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    How much I wish I was that little girl... SOO LUCKY! BTW I am excited to see the final product.
  16. PotionMistress

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    Wow!...Talk about terrific!!! You did an amazing job on this! I did something similar to this in my small bathroom, but it didn't turn out nearly as beautiful as yours. I know how much work that must have been. You're a top-notch artist! Your daughter must be THRILLED!
  17. Balz

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    What i love is that that tapestry was actually made for the movies... the level of detail put into set and costume design on those movies... i love it.

    Fantastic painting!
  18. MagicRobot

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  19. MagicRobot

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    when you get the other walls done will you post some pics? I'd love to see them
  20. SweeneyTodd

    SweeneyTodd New Member

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    That's a really good idea, that would look very awesome. xD

    Anyways, that looks great! Your daughter is very lucky
    I hope you post pictures when you finish the other walls, I'd love to see!
  21. TK-2126_MD

    TK-2126_MD Well-Known Member

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    Amazing!!! simple amazing, great job!!
  22. kalissuperman

    kalissuperman Active Member

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    great work.
  23. kiddo

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    Wow! That lucky girl! Great job, looks awesome!
  24. Yellowjacket

    Yellowjacket Well-Known Member

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    And the coolest parent award goes to...
  25. shimmyuk

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    wow, that is brilliant :)
  26. ultraman

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    i also paint murals...i'm amazed you did such a good job in only 2 day! that's amazing!

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