Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets the Basilisk fang prop


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So... I have been thinking, about making a basilisk fang, from Harry Potter and The Camber of Secrets. Only thing that is not clear to me, is what options of choosing a material. Any ideas, clay is one! Wood is kind of :unsure
Just tell me options, I am not from the most smartest side! :lol Oh well... :behave


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What a coinsidence,i wast thinking about this yesterday.
I would think some kind of sculpting clay or something? (I dont know anything about sculpting,but there are many others here that do)


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I would make something like that with clay, like Fimo, Sculpey or likely ones. Then shade it with dry pastels or acrylic paint.


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I just started making a Basilisk Fang today. I made a form from tin foil and and started covering it with paper clay. I like paper clay better than sculpty because it is air dry and reworkable(you can sand and carve it). I'll try to post some pics when I get it done.

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if sculpture doesn't scare you there is Elforyn, which is an imitation of ivory. I think it is a very hard material but that the result would be excellent

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