HAL 9000 Metal Kit Upgrade


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Howdy everyone!

After browsing for the last couple years and never actually posting anything that I put together i'm here with my first build log.


Hal 9000 has always been a incredibly intriguing prop to me. The sleek modern design feels timeless, cold, and monolithically imposing. Lengthy discussions could be had about the design alone and its symbolism but to be frank, its a very iconic prop and it would look great in my house. I'm going for a idealized version of this prop. Something that is satisfactorily accurate but with a slight mod or two to make the prop "feel" more real but more on that later.

I want to do this relatively cheap and also try out some new techniques so I figure the best place to start would be the Moebius kit. It is as accurate as I need it to be and comes with some very valuable components. The speaker grill is currently of unknown origin and the actual fisheye lens is incredibly expensive so having a injection molded version of these 2 parts is all that I need from the kit (might consider using the LED). Its actually a pretty nice kit and if you are looking for a good weekend project I don't think you could go wrong I might purchase one or two more myself.



The outer ring will will be machined out of aluminum stock. The included ring that came with the kit will be used as reference to get all the measurements to match. It takes a minute to get stock shipped out here so that's a project for another week.


While waiting for the rest of the metal to come in its time to start drilling out the grill. looked pretty grueling but 2 episodes of Mando later and it was done.


Up next is cutting all the aluminum sides and internals and shaping them to fit. If all goes according to plan its going to be a experiment in brazing the internals together. If anyone has any tips on that I'm all ears.



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This looks promising. There is no upper limit on the number of HAL 9000 threads that I am willing to follow. So, keep up the good work!

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