1. lb429

    Adam Savage Toolbox - In Progress

    Hello everyone, here are some photos of my Adam Savage model making toolbox. Ever since reading about those famous toolboxes i've wanted to make my own. I've been religiously watching Tested videos lately and felt this project calling me. Finally, i had enough spare time and some scavenged...
  2. dkraude

    Interest Endor A280 Assault Rifle Kit or Finished Blaster Interest Thread (Aluminum and Steel)

    Hello All, I am putting out some feelers to see if there is interest in having a full Metal Endor A280 Assault Rifle project run started. Options: "Do it yourself kit" or "finished ready to display" Machined parts for both variants. The receiver base would be a Denix M161A replica. Reply to...
  3. CntAllBeWinners

    My Mando Blaster! (Fieldmarshal modified for screen accuracy)

    More Pictures!!! I just finished (I think) weathering this guy up and I love how it came out and wanted to share. As great as Fieldmarshal’s Bergmann is, when I got it I thought there were some tweaks I could give it to make it a bit more screen accurate. It ended up being a lot more than just...
  4. signeddiamond

    HAL 9000 Metal Kit Upgrade

    Howdy everyone! After browsing for the last couple years and never actually posting anything that I put together i'm here with my first build log. Hal 9000 has always been a incredibly intriguing prop to me. The sleek modern design feels timeless, cold, and monolithically imposing. Lengthy...
  5. Captain America

    Captain America

    This was built Part by part from the Boots to the Shield all custom made by me. This was my first attempt in making any complete costume. Enjoy!