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  1. JS321706

    anyone have a list of kits for Death star's turbo-laser?

    I am planning to make turbo lasers for Death Star (1:1 ratio with real props), but we have finally found some of the main props while trying to find a kit that is used in real props. But I couldn't find many kits in my ability. Do you know which model includes the red line part of the image...
  2. DaveP

    Star Wars DaveP LS ROTJ Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Kit (Last one!)

    This is the very last kit from My First Yuma Run. Unlike the previous spare kit I posted on here (which was Yuma/ISYHCANL only), this is a full Kit, with all the parts to build either the Yuma, ISYHCANL or Hero. I had been saving this on behalf of someone, but need to sell now to help with some...
  3. adamata

    Tusken Raider mask kit

    So, I probably bought this kit over a dozen years ago with every intention of finishing it. It got sidetracked and never got finished. I am going to be clearing out a few things from my collection and this is first. I do not remember who made the kit, sorry. I have done some work on it...
  4. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica Kit (2nd Run) *SIGN UP CLOSED*

    Hello everyone... I’m finally ready to go ahead with the second run for Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica! Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The first run turned out great! I was VERY happy with the quality of the parts, and the builds that I’ve seen so far look...
  5. sketcherdan

    Star Wars ANH TIE Pilot Chest Box Kit (Jim Tripon)

    I have a Jim Tripon (Jimmiroquai) fibreglass ANH chestbox for sale, with cast and acrylic greeblies ready to go. Some greeblies already painted. There's also a couple of upgraded pieces in machined aluminium from the Aluminium Falcon on FB. There's a hole in the back for access and potential...
  6. DFC Props

    Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI Kit Build (Need Help!)

    Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm finally getting around to finishing up my Pip-Boy kit that I purchased last year, but I need some help. I intend to install a real screen with an animated video to simulate a functional screen (not a phone), lights for the vacuum tubes, and a...
  7. E

    Random Greeblie pack

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever but I have a question for you guys. I know these have been spoken about on here before but are there any people selling Greeblie packs? I'm looking for a random assortment of pieces. Likely they would be 3D printed (I'd do it myself...
  8. W

    Any studio AT-AT kits out there?

    Hi guys. Old member who's been away for quite sometime but getting back into modeling and have always wanted to do a large scale AT AT. However, I cannot find a kit for the life of me. I was wondering if anyone had any kits or new of anyone that was making a studio scale or larger kit to sell to...
  9. P

    Limited Run So you want to be Batman? I'll be your Alfred.

    Throughout many years of enjoying Batman, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Batman gadgets and props - and after 2 decades of collecting and perfecting, I'm now very happy to be opening the vault doors to you. If you're looking for a Batman gadget from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, odds are...

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