HAL 9000 1:1 Replica


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and have started to share some of my work. I'm currently a student of Model Making in London. Before I started the course in September of last year I built a replica of HAL 9000. The main body was made from MDF and clad with black styrene, the lens was also made from styrene and the edges are made from 3mm aluminium. I also made a padded carry case for the main unit which I made from 3M reflective fabric.

We built a replica miniature set from MOON at school just before Christmas and Gavin Rothery, co creator and designer of the film, came in to look at it. I tweeted him pictures of my HAL replica after we'd finished for the day and he ended up buying it! Anyway enough of the bragging... here are some pics:








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Very nice work for sure and the padded carry case is a very cool add-on. Lill' details that caught my eyes: the holes of the grill should be at the same level from top to bottom. I noticed that, in the bottom row, the holes are cut in half (I know, I know...I'm getting Kubrickian here:D) but it makes a difference in the overall look;) I really loved the Moon set, btw(y)(y):cool::cool:

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