1. j_holtslander

    My HAL 9000 builds (plural)

    I was starting to feel guilty about all my chatter about my own build in other people's threads so I figured I should start my own thread. This all snowballed for me after I accidentally stumbled upon some replica HAL lenses for sale on eBay and then got curious about building a HAL 9000...
  2. winf

    HAL 9000 1:1 Replica

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have started to share some of my work. I'm currently a student of Model Making in London. Before I started the course in September of last year I built a replica of HAL 9000. The main body was made from MDF and clad with black styrene, the lens was also made from...
  3. lukeiswho

    Hal 9000 Nest Thermostat

    Hello! First time posting here, but been a member for a while, admiring from afar. Had a bit of spare time during the current craziness, so I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and decided to try and make a HAL 9000 control panel to surround my Nest Thermostat. I've seen other people do it, and...