stanley kubrick

  1. C

    2001 : A Space Odyssey chestbox

    Hello, I'm new here, I'm working on the 2001 : A Space Odyssey Discovery space suit. The suit will be made by a seamstress but all the other parts will be 3D printed. I'm currently working on the chestbox Dave and Frank have when they're in the suit. Here's a picture of my current work, I'm...
  2. 3Dsf

    Documenting the HAL 9000 faceplates

    I have spent the last while researching and documenting the HAL 9000 faceplate props used in 2001: a Space Odyssey; a design that's a truly iconic piece of movie history. There has been a fair bit of information scattered hither and yon, so I decided to centralize my findings into a single...
  3. winf

    HAL 9000 1:1 Replica

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have started to share some of my work. I'm currently a student of Model Making in London. Before I started the course in September of last year I built a replica of HAL 9000. The main body was made from MDF and clad with black styrene, the lens was also made from...
  4. Constantine34

    Animal Mother Full Metal Jacket Helmets Series

    Hey everyone here is another replica helmet to add to the collection. This is a recreation of Animal Mother’s (Adam Baldwin) helmet from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. The graffiti reads “I Am Become Death” a reference to a quote by Robert Oppenheimer when he created the worlds first...
  5. Constantine34

    My Pvt Joker Full Metal Jacket replica Helmet

    I’m a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick’s work. Here is my attempt at recreating one of the most iconic props in War film cinema history. The Private Joker (Matthew Modine) M1 Helmet he wore in Full Metal Jacket. I first used a direct postwar Mitchell camo cover. The M1 steel and helmet liner and...