Green Lantern Reviews: ****Spoilery Thread Full of Spoilers!!!****

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Starting this thread for those of us that have already seen the Green Lantern movie and want to post our spoiler-filled reviews! :)















Here's my review that I posted earlier over at the GL Corps Message Board...

I went to the midnight show last night and I LOVED IT! This is the movie I've been waiting for since 1984!!! :D

The fanboy in me has a few nits to pick, but they got so many things right, I can live with a few small missteps. Here's the cons In My Opinion:
  1. TOO DAMN SHORT! WANT MORE!!! Let's hope there's a Director's Cut to come on DVD & Blu-Ray. There's DEFINITELY scenes that were planned & presumably filmed, but then cut out. I want those scenes back in the movie! Give it the run time of 2+ hours that it DESERVES!
  2. I am not so much a fan of the new origin for Parallax... or should I say the fallen Guardian KRONA, as in this version of the story, THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME. What the hell happened there? Why in the hell did the comic give us this teaser image...

    ...when the comic's yellow space bug isn't in the movie AT ALL?!? :rolleyes
  3. Also, NOT a fan of the Guardians being responsible for harnessing the yellow energy of Fear, gathering it all up, and creating the yellow power ring themselves. In the comics, the Guardians have made their share of bad decisions, but COME ON! Now we have no Anti-Matter Universe, no Weaponers of Qward, nothing. They could have at least had PARALLAX create the yellow ring! That would have at least made more sense. :unsure
  4. Needed MORE action from the Corps! Why show us the entire Corps gathered, and then only show us 4-5 in action at one time? Also, I'm not entirely sure which GLs bought the farm, because the scene was so dark. I'm about 99% sure I saw G'hu and Isamot Kol buy it, but who else got snuffed? :confused
  5. Speaking of the Corps, I was disappointed to learn (from Constructing Green Lantern) that the movie's character designers only designed about 2 dozen unique GLs for the movie, and the rest of the Corps were just "filled in" by recombining parts from the 24 or 25 that were designed. It's a pretty sad state of affairs, IMO, when the artists that HAND-DRAW the comics and animated movies show us MORE unique GLs in a given scene than the makers of the live action movie. It would have been ridiculously easy to take a few actors, throw some makeup or masks on them, stick them in a spandex motion capture suit, and have a few more humanoid GLs mixed in for more diversity. Let's hope they design more fan favorite characters for the sequel(s) and improve that a bit. ;)
  6. Where the hell was John Stewart, as played by Nick Jones? I know it was only a cameo, but this must have been one of those "blink and you miss it" deals, 'cuz I didn't see him. :(
In spite of those complaints, which aren't as big a deal to me as maybe they might seem, I still have to give this one
out of 5! Pretty good, definitely superior to Green Lantern: First Flight in many ways! Now bring on the Extended Director's Cut DVD & Blu-Ray, and then the SEQUEL! :)

So, in closing... GO SEE GREEN LANTERN ON THE BIG SCREEN! See it MULTIPLE TIMES!! And make sure you STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS, POOZERS!!! Then post your reviews here! ;)
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Yea, I dunno why they dont just do parallax right. even First Flight changed it

IMO this movie should have had parallax be trapped in the battery from the start, without the lanterns knowing, with the yellow impurity weakness, then maybe set free at the end for pt 2
Knowing nothing about Green Lantern, I saw it last night and enjoyed it. Though, I too wish it was longer. Super Hero movies, especially origin stories, seem to be at least two and a half hours now. I wish it were true for this one.

Otherwise, it was cool to see.
I am still shaking my head wondering why this movie is getting blasted so bad by critics, it is a good movie.

I think a Director's Cut DVD could do this movie some serious justice. They cut out allot.
I saw it to day and enjoyed it. It could have been longer and it was certainly better than the green hornet.
Jack T Chance hit on pretty much all the issues I had, the biggest one being why did the Guardians agree with Sinestro's suggestion to make the yellow ring of harnessed fear right after telling us about the Guardian who was screwed by attempting the same thing?
i almost didnt gp because of super hero hypes review , but i thought it was great , and im not a huge gl fan . but i to want to see the director cut
Here's my main review for the movie: YouTube - Green Lantern Movie Review

I didn't really have any problems with the movie, just small gripes.
1.) I wished they fleshed out Parallax more than they did. We really weren't given much info about him so I really didn't get the whole story to him. Also the way they changed his backstory kinda annoyed me, but I got over that.
2.) Peter Sarsgaards screaming. He sounded like a little girl.
3.) The run time should've been at or around 2 hours. I'm praying for a Director's Cut.
4.) I WANTED MORE SINESTRO! Mark Strong played him to perfection. I was really upset that he was so underused. I cant wait to see him as the villan in the sequel.
I honestly thought Sinestro was the villain in this one from the previews. Isn't Parallax the living planet GL?
I enjoyed it. DC's not my favorite (I'm a Marvel guy), but I found it thoroughly entertaining. I thought that the battle between Parallax and GL was kind of abruptly started, and I called how he'd finish the fight from a mile away, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the film. I'm as familiar with GL as much as a watching the Justice League cartoon and spending a few hours on Wikipedia will warrant, but otherwise I've never read any GL comics, so I'm not sure if the comic reads as somewhat predicatbale or not. I really enjoyed the Sinestro character, though, and the introduction of the yellow ring/power. From a costuming standpoint, I thought the costumes turned out a lot better than what we originally saw. Originally, the green and black portions of the costume seemed to blend in more. But once we saw it on screen, they were very clearly defined and distinct areas. I'll say this - it'll make it into my movie collection. :)
I really liked the movie and I'm a huge GL fan. Some things should have been different but it wasn't bad. I don't know why there are so many negitive reviews.
Saw the movie today and loved it. I pretty much agree with everything that Jack said.

A few little things that popped into my mind while watching it.
1.I don't remember if they ever told Carrol's call sign in the comics, but I like that it was Saphire in the movie.

2.When Hector was going into the DEO facility, did anyone else think they saw the Avarice symbol? There is a round light on the ceiling a another round spot on the floor under it. You only see it for a split second, but that is what it reminded me of. And the light ring behind Abin's body was definitely orange.

3.When Hal and Sinestro were training Sinestro formed a shield. Did it remind anyone else of the Captain America sheild?

As I said, just a few things that came to mind watching it.
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