green lantern

  1. JohnathanwithaH

    My WIP Kilowog Green Lantern Cosplay with a moving jaw

    I'm making a Kilowog cosplay for the upcoming Dragon Con. The suit is going to be based off of the New 52 costume designs, with some inspiration from previous Kilowog costumes from the comics. All my templates were made by me, the only exception being the muscle suit. I am by NO means a...
  2. M

    Green Lantern Injustice 2

    Hello, I'm new at this community and new at the cosplay, as you see at the thread tittle I'm interested on doing a green lantern cosplay from the Injustice 2 videogame, I already have the ring, but I don't know how to do the rest of the body, I mean like which materials shall I use? and some...
  3. FreddySchramm

    Bronze cast Green Lantern Rings

    Nice metalworking project I'm working on. So I 3d printed 14 green lantern rings to cast in bronze.These were cast in the traditional bronze casting way, not really the detailed way that's used to make jewelry but nevertheless it works. The big challenge was gating all of them with wax...
  4. P

    Black Lantern Wonder Woman (Pic Heavy)

    I used the image here as reference: I decided to redo the accessories and finally make an axe prop for a Black Lantern Wonder Woman costume I made a few years ago. The skirt, belt, and whip are still made out of craft foam and...
  5. wzrdmstr

    My Collection!

    Hello All! Long time viewer, first time thread post.This collection has taken me a few years to put together and is nicely stored in a structure i built in my backyard got a bit list of every single item inside, realizing they are actually quite broad. please let me know if you want any...
  6. greatkeyboard18

    MoS command Key and GL Movie Ring ?

    hi does anyone know were to find the most screen accurate Man of Steel Command Key and Green Lantern Movie Power Ring ?
  7. H

    Green Lantern Power Battery build

    A friend of mine is a big GL fan and is turning 30 at the end of next month, so I decided he needed a power battery to "ring" (hahaha sorry couldn't help it) in the occasion. I have been building this 4-5 hours a week for the last 1-2 months. It's definitely not perfect, but I was pleased with...
  8. H

    Shoes for Green Lantern and Spider-Man dye sub costumes - HELP!

    I am buying dye subs for both Ryan Reynolds style Green Lantern AND Amazing Spiderman 2 costumes. To do the shoes for the feet (both costumes are obviously head to toe "spandex/lycra" - or whatever material they use.) My question is WHAT SHOES do I buy for Green Lantern - What shoes do I buy...
  9. npoulos39

    Comic Book Flash Costume - WIP

    Love the CW flash series and the costume but for me nothing beats the comic/animated style look of the simple spandex so I'm attempting to make a custom spandex suit with a little bit of a twist too it. Here is a quick rendering of what a plan to do. I plan on thick dark red seams with a bright...
  10. Captain Rogers

    The DC Custom/Redesign Thread

    Hello all! I'm starting this thread as a spin off of sorts to my Marvel one over in the Marvel section, you can check it out here if you want. It was requested that I make this thread so here we are. Basically this is a place to post any custom or redesigned versions of any DC characters. So...
  11. coldfire

    6in lantern rings

    I am starting to build 6in6in Lantern rings. My first one is a violet ring because my daughter said i had too. Each ring will be lighted with its corresponding color using 8 leds in each and be mounted with each oath. I want to display all 9 together with a main switch and individual switches to...
  12. T

    Green Lantern Knight

    A progress thread for my Kingdom Come/Infinite Crisis (game) inspired Green Lantern Knight cosplay. Please let me know what you think and any questions you have. you can also follow along at, instagram @TCHProps and on twitter @TCHProps
  13. T

    Green Lantern Knight

    I'm working on a Kingdom Come/Infinite Crisis (game) inspired Green Lantern Knight costume. I've been working on this for a few months now and am happy with my progress so far. Please, let me know what you think and if you have any questions for me. You can also follow along on Facebook...
  14. AH studio

    My Green Lantern Mask

    Hi guys! This is my version of the Green Lantern Mask.
  15. sprielly

    Painting faux leather boots

    I apologize if this is not the appropriate section to post this, however I just ordered the Funtasma Captain-100 boots in white and I need to paint them green for my Green Lantern cosplay. Can anyone recommend what kind of paint I can use so it doesn't crack and where I could purchase some of...
  16. F

    Trials and Tribulations with my Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

    The title is not meant to say that the Da Vinci is a bad printer at all, I merely meant it as a title for my coming journey into 3D printing. :) First off, figured this was the best place to put this, as most of the objects that I create and show here will be of a prop nature, and it will be...
  17. Spidon

    Blue Lantern Spider-Man (In Progress)

    Hi all. I'm relatively new to the forums and you've all inspired me to finally start working on an original costume. It is inspired by two of my favorite superheroes, Spider-Man and the Blue Lanterns, as well as this fan art: Blue Lantern Spiderman by tristan2814 on deviantART I've worked up...
  18. K

    Hal Jordan Jacket Patch

    Just to let everyone know, so you dont have to research it. (Green Lantern Comic book series ) The Jacket = USAAF A2 Jacket with fur lining collar. U.S Army Air Force The patch on the left breast pocket is the USAAF Senior Pilot badge, as with the 3 inch patch, this was the only one of that...
  19. rasendori04

    Injustice for all! Injustice Green Lantern Costume build

    Hey all, This is my first thread here on the RPF. I recently got the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, and while I'm not a fan of most fighting games, This one tops my books for favorites. What I like most of all, is the armored costumes that most everybody dons. While Green Lantern himself sucks...
  20. G33k

    newb: my original Ironman, Batman and Green Lantern

    Hi. I've been trolling the site and admiring you all for some time, and finally decided to join in. I'm a professinal costumer, who likes to mke superhero costumes in my spare time. I started with a foam ironman armor, before I found you guys and learned of the glory of pep files (I love you...
  21. Thatoneguy

    Making a Comic book version of the Green Lantern Power Battery (Pic Heavy)

    So I have decided today, that I am going to be making my own Green Lantern Power Battery. No it's not based off The movie, but rather the Comic book version. I'm going to model mine after the Hal Jordan DC direct version. So with that In mind I'm going to post as many pictures as I can manage of...
  22. WhoKnows8701

    Last Minute Green Lantern Costume

    So I am looking to make this costume for Halloween. Yeah, I know, last minute. Was wondering if u guys had any last minute suggestions on how I can make this suit with such little time before Halloween.
  23. TK8541

    Justice League HQ!

    DC Universe Costumers: the Justice League HQ has launched! Much like the 501st Legion organized groups of Star Wars fans from all over the world into functioning sets of smaller squads, garrisons, and so on, the Justice League HQ is organizing DC Universe costumers into one hub of operation...
  24. WhoKnows8701

    Custom Green Lantern *Opinions/Suggestions*

    With permission from the original creater , I will be designing and create this costume for Cosplay. Problem is, I have never done anything like this before lol. That's where I need your guy's help. How would u go About creating this suit? Materials? Fabric? Process? Any help would...
  25. darkone1988

    crazy idea for a iron man armor

    ok so i was talking to my wife the other day and i had a thought about making a iron man /green lantern armor dose this sound too crazy ????