Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger) has died. :(

He was such a huge part of my childhood. He JUST posted about how excited he was about his White Dragon stuff
My wife just told me about this. So sad to hear this and the susposed reason.

My wife and I met him years ago at a small local collector show. We got to spend several minutes talking to him since it was a small show. I remember how down to earth he seemed. We talked some about his faith and it was surprising to hear him share openly about his beliefs.
Mr brother just texted me this. Crazy news. Suicide....another actor dealing with issues and depression behind the scenes?
Reminds me of Keith Flint from the Prodigy. Dies from what they believe as a suicide at 49.
His wife had recently filed for divorce and he was drinking again. Very sad, he was a huge part of my childhood as well.
He was my favorite of the Rangers (as the Green Ranger). This is so sad to hear. My brother ran into him once and said he was a super cool guy. This was in the 90's when he was popular enough to have an ego but didn't. Sad to hear how he passed.

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