Star Wars Is Officially Bringing Back Jaxxon - Its Green Rabbit Smuggler


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Did not realize there was such a character, but for what it is worth for those who may be interested...

Apparently Marvel had the license for monthly comic books, but only had a single movie at the time for source material so they started making stuff up pretty quickly



Hasbro even has a Black Series figure for it???

I guess I must have been living under a rock as I had never heard of it before

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Wait! What? You will NOT believe this! When I was a kid he was my favorite comic book Star Wars character.
So just yesterday my son needed help finding his basketball in the garage and I stumbled across THIS!!! No clue whatsoever when or where or WHY I have it!


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Actually, he was a pretty cool character.

I recently went back and re read all my old Marvel Star Wars comics. As crazy as some of it was, a lot of it was actually better than the recent movies.
When I was a kid sitting in the car with my mom once, I looked out the side window and it was raining. I watch two of the drops race each other to see which would hit the edge of the window first. It was better than some of the recent Star Wars stuff.

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