Greatest American Hero - Ralph's Walkie Talkie help

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Season one of Hero introduced the little two way walkie talkie's Ralph and Bill would use to contact one another - some of the funnier scenes involved Ralph mid-flight SCREAMING into his side while Bill searched the sky for any sign of him.

Last year Profiles in History auctioned a second and third season Walkie Talkie for 1000g, which I would have happily paid if I hadn't missed the auction by an hour. I knew our very own master prop man Richard Coyle built these props for the show, and in a recent conversation he let me know the second season radios were all scratch built, so until another resurfaces I'm out of luck.


As for the first season radio - It's pretty obvious it was built from a cigarette lighter, but seeing how the push top button is MIA I'm not sure how much of this baby was altered. I plan on making one or two for myself and I was hoping someone here may be able to ID the little round disc on the side. I plan on finding a lighter to match- it doesn't look all that different from the ones still for sale at gas station counters.

thanks for any help
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