Graflex (again)….can someone explain this to me?


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Hi guys,

I have been browsing the history of Graflex flashes and the various variants over the years. I came across these photos which the source says is an original screen used prop from ESB.

I was under the impression that all the OT sabers were Folmer with or without patent. The picture of this one clearly shows Inc. It looks authentic looking at the wearing on the T tracks. Were Inc. variants used in the original trilogy?

Sorry if this has already been addressed. I have searched the forums but I have never come across this photo before.

Were Inc. variants used in the original trilogy?
Yes and no. Folmers were depending on which location. ( Degobah / Hoth / Bespin ) where all different with variations). Although I’m not sure that they were “inc” flashes.

The ( now defunct) graflex bank had all of the information about all of them. I’ll see what I can do to get the information you need posted here.

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