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While I was taking a break from Swampy, I got a wild hair to start another sculpt. I can't seem to stay away from the Bat, but I wanted to do something different. As far as I could tell, nobody has ever done a sculpt and cast a rubber cowl based on Gotham by Gaslight. I know one guy did a fabric/leather one, and I think somebody else modified a regular cowl into one.

Here's the beginning of my take on it:



I plan to give the whole thing a nice leather texture, plus incorporate some wrinkles where it makes sense. I'm also adding small stitches, and larger stitches for the face piece. The side seams (and the one going up, over, and between the ears) were designed to coincide with the parting line between the mold halves. The seam on the front of the neck is intended to simulate where a leather cowl would be fastened---in fact, a latex cowl could be split there with a velcro closure, to make it easier to get on and off.

If this turns out well, this could be the start of a Gotham by Gaslight suit . . .
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Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl WIP

Loved the book!
I'm really glad to see you tackle this sculpt.

We have seen cowls inspired by this version, but as you said, not a cast version of an original sculpt like yours.
It's got work to be done, but I really think you're on track with this.
Can't wait to see it done!

Keep up the good work.
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl WIP

Thanks guys!

Yeah, Darius, I did a long search to see if anybody else had done a sculpted version, and came up with nothing. Only a modified cowl and a fabric/leather one. And you're right, there's a lot of work yet to be done, but it's good to know ya'll think it's on the right track. I'm trying to find some leather with the right grain---I'll make some texture stamps out of latex that can be pushed into the clay to transfer the texture.
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl WIP

Added some wrinkles, and I've started playing with the texture, so it's time for some new pix:




You can see where I'm trying out some stitching:


For the larger forehead stitches, I'm going to use short pieces of leather lacing to simulate those. I got nowhere doing the leather look with texture stamps (clay's too hard), so I'll be doing it all by hand. Finally figured out the right combination of technique and tools to achieve it. It'll take longer, but I think the results will be worth it!
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl WIP- NEW PIX


Except for a minor tweak or two, this sucker is finally done!










I still need to clear coat it, and order some ultracal, but I'm hoping to have this thing molded in the next couple of weeks. Won't be much longer now . . .
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl FINISHED SCULPT

Damn, that is some mighty impressive skills you got there! How did you do the leather effect?
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl FINISHED SCULPT

Thanks guys!

Fett, that leather texture caused me a lot of grief, trying to figure out how to do it right. I finally found a website with a nice tutorial on how to achieve skin textures. Basically, it's a combination of small rakes, wire brushes and a cat brush, then used brushed on baby powder, mineral spirits and/or alcohol to soften it. It took a lot of trial and error before I got the different looks I was after. I'm glad ya'll like it.

Propazoid, I will definitely be offering pulls in the junkyard after it's molded. I'm hoping that'll be in the next couple of weeks.
Re: Gotham by Gaslight Cowl FINISHED SCULPT

That looks amazing. The texture came out great as did the sculpted wrinkles and stitching.
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