Goonie Hero Map text question - Map finished


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I'm working on drawing my own Goonies map and have based all my measurements and drawings on the "B" map as I found a good high def scan of it from the official Goonies magazine.

I've then taken this map and altered it to add in the extra "hero" map text, etc, which I've based on images of fan-made hero maps that I've found online. I'm 98% finished drawing/inking but am missing a few small pieces of text before I go onto weathering.

So, does anyone know what it says in the areas of the map which I have circled below?

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Re: Goonie Hero Map text question

OK, finally got my map finished. :)

I basically traced this from a print-out of the background prop that was featured in the official Goonies magazine. I then added to it to better match the hero map seen in close-ups onscreen using screen-caps, info from the Goonies forum and images of other replicas.

Everything was hand-drawn, inked, painted and weathered.


Re: Goonie Hero Map text question

Thanks, I put in all 11 folds that the hero has. You can see the main fold better here without the Copperbones key:


This is actually MkII of the map - I did another one, completely finished, then went to weather it with coffee (as I have done with printed paper props before) and found to my horror that the ink ran everywhere and ruined the map. :cry

So I had to start again from scratch. THIS time I weathered the paper FIRST, and THEN inked everything on. The paper is weathered just with coffee. I crumpled the paper up and soaked it in coffee, let that dry, flattened it, and then added a further 2 layers of coffee (with drying time in between) to each side of the paper.
Nice work! :thumbsup
Could you provide the high def scan you mentioned?
Or point out where we can find it?
Thanks in advance!

I'm working on drawing my own Goonies map and have based all my measurements and drawings on the "B" map as I found a good high def scan of it from the official Goonies magazine.
Nice work!
This movie promptly bring me back to past, and this amazing film.
Do you have any other props for example gadgets from character Data? I love his tools!
Thank you very much!
Additionally I found it an hour or so by myself. ;)
But I think that now that the link is here, it´s also a good starting point for future map builders.

A first step has been made: today I bought some paper in the city. :love
As I´m slowly begin to gather information and pics for my map I have found a first problem: what´s the 11th fold?
I only see ten. :confused

No, not all of the folds you've highlighted actually exist where you've shown them. The 2nd horizontal line/fold down from the top and the 2nd horizontal line/fold up from the bottom aren't really folds, they're just drawn on lines.

You can see where the folds should go best on this photo of RelicMaker's fantastic map replica which is for sale in the Junkyard:

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Nice job! Did one of my own a while back using tea for the staining process and a bamboo skewer on the edges allowing the fibers to soak up more of the tea's tannic acid for darkening.
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