Interest 'Ghostbusters 2' Ecto Goggles Completed Prop

Rhett J Martin

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Hello RPF!
Riding the success of our 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles, we're proud to offer the 'Ghostbusters 2' Ecto Goggle, with new and updated detailing not seen on other replicas!

We're gathering interest for a possible run at this time, so chime in and when we reach the desired number, let's say 20, everyone will be contacted and off we go.
I should note the molds are already created and hardware has been sourced, so if we get enough interest, we'll go right way!

Price is $220 plus shipping, if you are in the USA, add $17 for shipping, international* add $25.

IF YOU PURCHASED GB1 GOGGLES IN THE LAST RUN, YOU GET $20 OFF! Thank you for your business and feedback!

Check out the features:
-Lenses scratchbuilt and assembled with 'adjustment dials' for movement and posing
-Molded from a restored set of AN/PVS 5A's (slightly different than the GB1's), including switch, battery, interior components, and face padding.
-Greeblies cast from accurate tank parts
-Assembled and painted with a 'out-of-the-box' look, with painted over decals and markings mimicking the screened prop.
-Castings created in custom color mixes include:
Cold cast and polished aluminum lenses
Onyx black resin knobs and lense assemblies
OD Green Mask
Metallic grey, gold and black interior components
Soft foam and rubber mask padding for VERY comfortable wear, molded from a PVS face pad
-Accurate DOT snaps securely fastened to mask, in mil-spec 'government black' with brass base for more realistic wear
-Mil-Spec DOT snaps with leather and elastic strapping, as well as adjustable slide locks
-Large 'lense dial' cast in flexible urethane from accurate tank tread, rotates 360 degrees
-Small 'lenses dial' also moves 360 degrees
-Battery cap holder is featured, but was broken on the original prop, so we feature the bit left for a small fun detail
-Custom cut acrylic lenses for clarity, inside and out.
-Solid screw and epoxy construction.
-Real world weight for extra realism
-Interior lense transparency mounted in left lense mimics animation sequence seen in film. Stationary and unlit, but a fun addition for the heck of it.

Once contacted if run commences, payment can be made to Paypal at and Venmo at @rhett1701

DO NOT SEND ;friends and family', their cut is rolled into the price

PLEASE make sure you have your correct shipping address AND RPF tag either ready to be clicked or in the notes.


1. Andrea Naldini (SHIPPED) Thanks for getting back in touch! Enjoy!
2. Warren Houck (SHIPPED) Thanks for always being a great customer! Enjoy!
3. Thundergod124
4. Janderson0719
5. Conair Stantz...............(PAID 2/21)
6. Jaime Micheal
7. Chris Williams
8. Jay Fletcher
9. Timothy Brian Cecil
10. Trey Wallace

11. Kal Torino
12. Marty West
13. Braden Frail
14. Johnny Jenksgb
15. Bullwhipcracker


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Rhett J Martin

Sr Member
We are more than likely a 'go!'

Ill be heading to Phoenix to visit with the Mack's Factory folk, then back to get the GB1's done, then we'll start casting these up!! Stay tuned!

Rhett J Martin

Sr Member
I've begun casting these up, and have ordered hardware. I've also started taking payments, so if you're comfortable, you can send along the cash and we'll get moving on these as we wrap up the GB1's. Thanks everyone!

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