GhostBuster Trap (FINISHED 8/10/11) (PIC HEAVY!)

Well heres my new project, a fully functioning ghost trap from Ghost Busters. I'm doing the who sha-bang, lights, servos, trap disconnect from tray, working pedal, etc. Been working on this for about a week, making it all out of red oak and assembling it with heavy duty epoxy so it can take a beating, lol. So here are some early pics, about to get the top frame in place, then on to the front of the trap, have to wait for the light kit to arrive before I can assemble that.
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Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Very nice build. Does the light kit use 8 batteries? If so, does it add alot of weight on the one end?
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Very nice build. Does the light kit use 8 batteries? If so, does it add alot of weight on the one end?

Well I going to wire everything on to 9v batteries. I wiring up 3 or 4 candelabra base sockets and using 6w indicator bulbs in a series circuit, for the main light that comes out of the trap, these along with the servos get wired to a DPST Push Button switch in the pedal, so that the lights and the doors work at the same time. I using the GhostBusters Movie Prop - Ghost Trap LED display v1 this gets wired into a DPST switch on the battery housing. I know I should be using LEDs but they just don't give me the amount of light that I was going for, with this setup I have 24w of light, so "don't look directly into the trap!" lol. So with everything I would have

4 bulbs - (6) 9v batteries
2 servos - (1) 9v battery
red light and front trap light - (1) 9v battery

So in total 8 batteries however I'm debating taking out one of the sockets which would take off two batteries, so at a minimum 6 batteries total. It would lessen the weight and give me more room for the servo placement, I'm still deciding how many batteries to put in the main battery house, if I put to many in there the trap might pop a wheelie, lol.
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Got a lot done to day, sanded, cracks filled, front indicator supports, rear door supports, and some holes cut for the D-Sub connector. Still waiting on the front indicator and rear red light to show up. Mocking up the doors tonight on graph paper.
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

It's all starting to come together, just gotta get the doors made and finish the front indicator housing, then it's prime an paint time.
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Ok been super busy last couple of day, but got a lot done, waiting for the doors to dry. Have to redo the ion rods screwed them up the first time, doh!
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Well got most of the outside details done today, waiting for the CAL-R resistor to come in, still need to get the ion rods done, doors are on, and got the front light indicator assembled about starting to work wiring up this puppy in a few days.
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Ok, got the ion rods done today, went with orange instead of red I think it looks better. Also the wiring inside the trap to the D-Sub connectors is done just have to make a pedal and wire it up.

Also anyone have any good ideas on what to use on the servo gears as an arm to open the doors? I have them set right, angle and speed but I'm using straightened paper clips right now attached to the gears to open the doors, just wondering if there's anything better to use?
Re: Ghost Buster Trap

Ok, here's the final product. The trap is made out of 1/4" red oak and pedal is made of 1/4" mdf. Power wise it runs off of two 9v and 4 AAA batteries. Everything is hardwired together from the battery house to the pedal.


Decided to make my own pedal, the activate switch controls the main power to the servos that open the doors and there is a push button switch hidden in the spring under the pedal so when you step on it the doors open and close. The intensify switch controls the main light in the trap.












The trap also disconnects from the trap housing, now I just need a containment unit, lol.









Waiting for my new servos to come in, so if you notice that big empty spot in the front of the trap that's where their going, the arms are going to hook on to the hex nuts on the underside of the doors.


This is defiantly my favorite build so far, learned a lot about robotics and electrical work. Once the servos are in I'll post a video.
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